Portable Ultrasound Machines


Please visit our Goat Updates page regularly to view updates and real action videos of why you should invest in a state of the art safest, most efficient and impressive ultrasound machine designed for breeders like you and me. PUM have a range of prices and configurations to suit every budget. Hence why I found the ideal machine for my needs here at Lals Haven Goat Stud. I reached out to request tailored advice to suit my individual needs.

Oh and yes I have more to share...

It is the most thrilling news ever. PUM offer a goat scanning online course. Taught by an accredited sonographer, plus free aftercare support for life, by email or Whatsapp. These are the reasons you need to jump on board check it all out for yourself.

It was like finding a huge pot of gold for me.... pictured below is the machine I chose for my breeding success.


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