It is the future

I am thrilled to expose you to the future idea of scanning your goats. It is so simple with the right tools. For years I have researched and I mean years. Finally I have come up with the ultimate ultrasound that gives me the exact information I need to make sure I am well prepared for my precious does to kid. We all make a huge investment into developing quality stock. How could you not go the extra step to put your monies into knowing what age your kids are and how many the doe is carrying. It is the future of our animal husbandry with goats.

Yes I have scanned mares in the past as we have bred performance horses for over 30years. The ultrasound machine which is over 30 years old is still with me today. It is sure is a heavy machine but it works and I love it. The only reason it has become obselete is becasue the probe is for internal scanning. It is what is known as a Intrarectal probe. The goats require external, so outside of the animal. It is called a Microconvex probe.

After researching good old Google for many years, two to be exact I have finally found my dream ultrasound machine. It is a top quality well made and gurantees updates along with support when needed. I think it is important when investing for the future you feel like it is money well spent and the product-item will last , work properly and if needed you can obtain support. So many companies today DO NOT OFFER on going support. They do not even want to be contactable after the monies are handed over. This is why I chose to purchase from PUM Portbale Ultrasound Machines. The names even covers the simplicity of knowing I was off to a good start.

PUM – No other company in the world specialises in ultrasound in the way that we do!

From our base in London – UK – our enthusiastic team of sonographers, researchers, buyers and administrators has grown to supply a worldwide market of clinicians, breeders, veterinarians, farmers and home-users with cutting edge machines, advice informed by experience and research, outstanding training, and market-leading customer service and after sales care.

Did you know you can actually do an online course to learn how to scan your goats ? Yes your goats and this course and support is for LIFE ‘ … Yes for LIFE.This is yet anoter reason I chose PUM. Please do some browsing just like I did. Look at what they have to offer. You will feel supported and understood. You will have the ideal product for scanning your goats – not some mimic ok general run of the mill machine that may last.

Take a closer look at the ScanX ultrasound machine that I use and highly reccomend.

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