Hearing my Wes laugh in the distance was gold

Today was our first show for Team Joyce since Nov 2019. Wes was interested to see how Cera Ducati our 4yo AWHA Stallion would react. Today was to be his first Official class, the 1.10m.

Best part of my day hearing Wes laugh

Handsome was put in a stable for security. We started him in the 1m and 1.10m. He jumped clean in both classes. Wes commented on how relaxed he became on course after jumping 3 fences. He felt like Handsome enjoyed the whole day out.

It was lovely to have my parents there to

So happy to be at a show again

Having your family around supporting your passion is so lovely. My parents have travelled many miles to watch and cheer Team Joyce from the very beginning. We remember Sarah & Tiffany only 3 & 5 years Grand parents bringing treats to keep the vibe going all day long. Some days were very long created a massive appetite and very tiring . Mum dad would cook up lunch & dinner it was fabulous.

Memories to cherish forever. Thanks dad and mum xxx

First official class for Cera Ducati

So to sum it up Wes said he will have to be careful not to jump him to much. He is only 4yrs has heaps of growing to do. Just so excited about the feeling he gets in the saddle that the horse enjoys it finds it easy and wants to be clean. Time will tell.

Cera Ducati first official class 1.10m jumped a supa clean round

Another journey will begin. We welcome you to join us we love all your support and encouragement. Hopefully we can entertain you all again with Cera Ducati.

Stay tuned and enjoy the ride.

Cera Ducati & Wes 1.10m class


  1. Anna Muys on 7 March 2020 at 8:08 pm

    Your welcome, what a beautiful day we had, going today bought back so many happy memories fr us. Didn’t Cera do well one to watch in the future. Wes look so happy. We are so impressed with the grounds at Boneo. Definitely going again.

    • Trish on 7 March 2020 at 8:22 pm

      Looking forward to you coming back ‘ must have a sit in the Restaurant next time