What does Covid-19 mean for Team Joyce

Crickey the world has gone crazy. This Covid-19 sure has created chaos all over the world. We feel very fortunate having a location a fair distance from many people closely linked together. Lals Haven Stud has plenty of jobs on offer every single day. You can accomplish a job that you left for many months only to be faced with at least ten others after it.

Tiffany’s dog Macey loves the farm

Many people wonder what does Covid-19 mean for Team Joyce?

It has effected us greatly with not being able to showcase our Performance horses to the public in person. But not just that, many people are not really searching at the moment becasue there are no events or places you can go with your horse to enjoy. The horse world is in lock down from venturing out off your property. I am enjoying trail riding at home with Lily. We venture over the back of the farm with Macey just gazing at the view doing loads of thinking about how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

Team Joyce broke in 7 LH horses this season so far

Wes does come with me sometimes but still prefers to ride on the grass or sand arenas. He has achieved loads of things breaking and training the youngsters is only a tip off the iceberg. We weaned four Cera Ducati foals. He has broken in 7 young horses finished by end of April. Then we will start on 5 rising 2 year olds. So yes Team Joyce are flat out. We really enjoy watching our LH home bred stock mature under saddle.

Free jumping everything

It was very exciting setting up a free jumping lane teaching all the LH horses to jump and show off their style. All of them coped very well and got the hang of jumping quickly. It does give you a little insight into what sort of personalities each one possesses. Video of Sarah riding LH Vespa after only 4 rides from Wes breaking him in coming soon.

Such a thrill seeing how scopey Oaks Volta’s progeny are

Wes & I get a huge buzz out of watching our home bred young stock showing off their capabilities. Of course it is not a 100% indication of what they will end up like but it does excite you to start breaking them in hop on and see what happens. Stay tuned to see how the broken in 2 and 3 year old LH Performance horses go in action.