Sarah head rider at Lals Haven Stud

Wes enjoyed watching his young Performance horses being ridden today. He coaxed our daughter Sarah to have a go at jumping. Sarah rode them both so well full of confidence and plenty of forward canter. She was the head rider at Lals Haven this weekend. The rainy weather never deters us we love riding horses.

Sarah had a wonderful ride on her dads 4yo AWHA stallion Cera Ducati

Young horses just need a good forward canter to start with

Wes repeatedly quoted ‘ do not worry about your spot just keep a good canter let them look for themselves ‘ . You can see in the videos how relaxed both horse and rider were. LH Vance is bred born & broken here by Team Joyce. Cera Ducati ‘ Handsome was purchased as a yearling from Cera Stud broken by Wes.

We have plenty of Oaks Volta & Cera Ducati progeny for sale.

Cera Ducati
How great do these two look

Sarah said ‘ Dad both these horses are so big I feel a long way up’

Home bred and born LH Vance will mature to 16.3hh and Handsome 17.2hh. Both are going to be very large horses showing a great jumping technique and want to be careful. Team Joyce had a fun day.

LH Vance
16.1hh 3yo LH Vance – Sire Oaks Volta
Born bred broken by Team Joyce at Lals Haven Stud

Enjoy the video footage below

Sarah riding Cera Ducati ‘ Handsome & LH Vance under tuition from her father Wes