Online Ultrasound for Goat Pregnancy Scanning

Did you know you can actually do an online course to learn how to scan your goats ? Yes your goats and this course and support is for LIFE ‘ … Yes for LIFE.This is yet anoter reason I chose PUM. Please do some browsing just like I did. Look at what they have to offer. You will feel supported and understood. You will have the ideal product for scanning your goats – not some mimic ok general run of the mill machine that may last.

  • Accredited by the Animal Ultrasound Association
  • Taught by an accredited sonographer
  • Entire course professionally recorded live at ADGA Convention 2023
  • Accompanied by 10 online modules to provide greater theoretical depth whenever you need it
  • Learn theory and practical skills essential for scanning success
  • Enhanced learning experience with visual aids and quizzes for better knowledge retention
  • Free aftercare support for life, by email or Whatsapp
  • For any budding ultrasound scanners across the globe, wherever you may be

I have not seen this type of course offered anywhere – if you are new to ultrasound then this is the ideal way of becoming confident and to think the support is always there for life!

A self-paced online course filled with live video footage and demonstrations, tailored for goat breeders or veterinarians who are new to ultrasound. The course covers basic ultrasound physics, goat scanning techniques, quick and easy tips for image optimization, developmental stages, calculating gestational age, artifacts, and ultrasound safety and biohazards. All the information you will need to get started scanning and feeling confident interpreting images. Each module features text, diagrams, ultrasound images, tutorial videos, and quizzes to test your knowledge and understanding as you progress. Additionally, this course provides lifelong access to support and mentorship from sonographer Catherine Stowell. 

Take a closer look at the ScanX ultrasound machine that I use and highly reccomend.

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