Why I think its a good idea to ultrasound

There are so many different opinions about whether or not its a good idea to ultrasound your does. Some say I prefer the old fashioned wait and see option. Its cheaper. That is fine if you can and are happy to wait it out for the time it takes to determine a ,” I reckon she is in kid because she did not show signs of being in heat”. Some does will return easily and you can see them return and you re-serve. Other does are quiet and we could easily miss them in the first place. Some may slip for some unknown reason and you do not know until months later. Not great !

Because I have invested in my herd, not only dollars but my heart and soul I want to make sure the does are in kid early on and keep looking to make sure she does not slip. And with the ultrasound machine I will measure the kids. I also found it a huge advantage to know if there are more than one kid. Especially in our maiden does. Why– well then I am well prepared in case a single kid could grow larger. I will watch her weight gain because all the nutrition will be going into the one kid and we do not want it to grow to big. Its all about being prepared for what is coming.

I love peace of mind having a good understanding of what may appear.

Ultrasounding my ladies gives me peace of mind. It helps me to know exactly what to expect and when. Did you know I can even determine the date due by the size of the kid when measuring during ultrasounding. Its the ultimate tool added to my stud. I can also download photos and videos , even name each scan directly to that doe and keep the record for future references. If you have put loads of hard earnt money into your herd – maybe you would like to go the extra step like I did to obtain the information needed to have a comprehensive breeding program.

Lets not forget the goat scanning online course. Taught by an accredited sonographer, plus free aftercare support for life, by email or Whatsapp. These are the reasons you need to jump on board check it all out for yourself.

It was like finding a huge pot of gold for me…. pictured below is the machine I chose for my breeding success.

Take a closer look at the ScanX ultrasound machine that I use and highly reccomend.

Did you know PUM offer a goat scanning course?

A self-paced online course filled with live video footage and demonstrations, tailored for goat breeders or veterinarians who are new to ultrasound……. read more

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