What ultrasound gel is best?

A common ultrasound question is ” What ultrasound gel is best ‘? Have a quick listen to the youtube below it will set your mind at ease! Good quality ultrasound gel is essential to getting the most out of your machine. Here’s how to find the best gel in your country, and save money.

is there a difference between clear and blue gel? -Both products offer the same high quality with one main difference, which is the clear gel’s lack of use when it comes to color or fragrances. This is part of what makes the clear choice the most widely used gel in its class worldwide.

What is a good type of gel? – Visual Inspection. One of the most significant characteristics of ultrasound gels is clarity and its good to do a Skin Irritation Test.

It is good practise to wipe away any excess gel after scanning.

Take a closer look at the ScanX

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