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A brand new notion brought by Team Joyce always trying very hard to think up new concepts ideas and ways to bring interest to the world of showjumping. Hence why we blog hoping to generate followers enjoying what they read or see when we post videos or photos of what we do at home or at events. We started blogging a very long time ago revealing who Team Joyce are and what we love to do and why ! Then we progressed to highlighting the family unity going through all the ups and downs everybody feels in the competition arena.

Blogging for over 15 years trying to think up new concepts ideas….

Having a web site means people have somewhere to go to stalk what you have to offer. But how does one find your page’ well Team Joyce were fortunate that Equestrian Life approached asking for bloggers. This supported us greatly linking lookers to our web page. Over time you hope people like what they see and read therefore follow your web and Facebook pages.

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The newest stream of ideas which came from Sarah’s boyfriend Josh was Snap Chat. Josh is very IT savy and he directed me into this new world evolving with Snap Chatters. So stay please make use of the LH Snap Chat filter it is great fun

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Wes Tiffany & I attended Foster Ag last year because we did not have enough going horses to go to Berwick Ag. This time we went to Berwick only for one day with Oaks Volta & LH Johnny. The showjumping arena was excellent not to soft not to hard and a good size to. Both horses were entered in the same classes – Safety Steel Structures Open 1.10m and Bob Jane T Mart Open 1.20m.

Tiffany has not seen smelt ridden a horse for over 2 weeks

We drove past the Aldi in Upper Beaconsfield to pick up Tiffany on the way as she parked her car near there for the day. In plenty of time for the first class Wes mounted Oaks Volta to make sure he got a good look around before entering the warm up. As we all know the hype noise and large crowds make a very different type of atmosphere compared to the showjumping club event.

It was important to spend time on Volta giving him every opportunity to settle before his round.

The warm up went quite ok , Wes cantered him off to start the jumping round and many things caught Volta’s eye on the way to number one. Balloons tied to prams , people in the grand stand plus all the other horses walking past the arena. But when Wes approached fence 1 you could see Oaks Volta was tuned in to the job at hand.

About half way round the course he really seemed to relax jumping a clean round

Tiffany could not wait to mount her favourite , this is what she had yearned for all week. As per usual nothing phases Johnny he knows what is ahead and he does it well. Both Volta and Johnny make the jump off. The winner was to be determined by who could cut out strides and corners everyone basically had to go the same way.

Tiffany tried her hardest and achieved the fastest time by far but had the last rail’ you could hear the crowd roar, watch the video below. Tiffany said I could see it was coming up wrong’ I should of pushed faster !”…Volta loved the pressure and soaked up the task nailing a super clean fast round claiming 1st place and his very first rug !

Watch the winning round

At about 4 pm the Bob Jane T Mart Open 1.20m started. Both Volta & Johnny jumped clean again. Tiffany came out of the ring beaming after having a cracking jump off claiming 3rd place. Wes was extremely happy with Volta’s performance again soaking up the tight turns and taking out strides from 7 to 8 and again from 8 to 9 ….. Wes said, ” There is nothing I cant ask of this horse’

He feels so strong and LOVES to jump

You can hear Tiffany saying ,’ Go Volta Go Go ‘ as Wes sits up and adds to the last fence. Back at the truck we had to ask ‘ Why did you pull up and add to the last fence you had it won’, Wes replied….

” Its only his sixth show in his life time I was so happy with how he jumped all the others Volta did not need to be scrubbed to the last. I want him to feel good again for next week. I cannot wait for another class”.

Oh dont forget the LH brand new notion’ .If you are going to Port Phillip Showjumping Club Show next weekend ‘ try our LH Snap Chat filter on Sunday 5th March it will be live from 10am -2pm




  1. Anna Hanssen on 26 February 2017 at 6:13 pm

    So happy we were there to soak up the exciting day . Wes did a great

    • Trish on 26 February 2017 at 7:40 pm

      Another wonderful moment to store away in the memory bank’ , thank you for coming along and supporting us xx

  2. Anna Hanssen on 28 February 2017 at 6:04 pm

    So glad we saw Wes win his class Volta is hot.He is beautiful a credit to you both.