Just six already Grand Prix

I was not sure how to start this blog. Today was full of so much joy. Both Wes and Tiffany came away feeling thrilled with how their horses performed. Oaks Volta just six already Grand Prix level, Tiffany giving the 1.30m jump off everything she had and LH Johnny trying his best to clear each fence.

Wes cannot believe it Oaks Volta just six already Grand Prix level

This horse has bewildered Wesley. So many times he has said, ‘ Can he really be the one I have looked for all my life?. This horse is so strong and loves to jump , he wants to jump and clean to.” I entered Volta and Johnny in the Ponderosa Future Stars Open 1.25m and the Kiernan Earth Works 1.15m Championship. After the Future Stars Wes decided to swap Volta to the 1.40m Grand Prix instead. I did ask him, “Do you think at just six as of January 2017  he is ready for such a big Grand Prix?”.

You all know the answer to that one…..

Tiffany did not feel so relaxed at one stage in the warm up for the first round in the Future Stars. Nothing was going so straight forward. The first few warm up jumps did not flow at all. They were either to deep or to far away. Wes kept her confident he has a good knack at that. Again as I have said so many times before she just rides at the show, so no wonder its not going to be perfect.

They rode a very nice clean first round having that luck of the three leaf clover we found earlier in the day. We all need a little bit of luck on our side sometimes and today it was Tiffany’s turn. The dazzle board was clipped and slid to the edge of the flat cup but did not fall onto the ground. She relied on his skill to suck back and climb up when they got far to deep to the triple bar. This is what showjumping can be all about , your horse helping you out now and then.

Ok now to jump off against 24 other combinations.

First round video below

Go faster , get up get up

Were the encouraging words from the side lines from her father as Johnny approached fence 1. It was a build up from the word go. The tight turns and angling of jumps and the encouragement from Wes riding to the last fence helped Tiffany drive them to win the class. It was all to much and when Amalfi approached her with the rug and garland to put on before presentation we both shed a tear. This win meant the world to all of us.

Jump off round below

A lot of horses went fast and clean many tried to win. Times were close. How did she do it? Tiffany was so overwhelmed. I hugged her while mounted on Johnny squeezing her making sure she knew I was so damn proud. Many have felt this moment , today was Tiffany’s turn to shine in the sun. Shone she did , glowing on her LH Johnny.

Look at the sheer determination on Tiffany's face

Look at the sheer determination on Tiffany’s face

Close up to see the smile of delight

Close up to see the smile of delight

If you look very closely at the picture below you can actually see he was delighted to, his eyes were soft ears pricked and the neck stretched out. He felt pleased to wearing all the glamour of a king.

Presentation photo in the arena

Presentation photo in the arena

It was a very emotional moment for Team Joyce as a family unit

Team Joyce stop to smell the roses. We always take the time back at the truck altogether as a family to enjoy that once in a lifetime moment. We think it is very important to stop & talk about all of it. This is what life long memories are all about, we make it count together.

Wesley and Oaks Volta took my breathe away

It did not stop there with Tiffany & Johnny’s glorious win. Oaks Volta was about to attempt the 1.40m Grand Prix with 30 others. He is to be the youngest horse in the class’ and by far done the least. This was his seventh show in his 6 years of living on this earth. Wes is on a mission , his drive is sure to coax Volta around. That is exactly what happened. Tiffany videoed for me so I could really watch the whole course.

I was so shocked to see Volta easily clear these huge fences. Wes said, ” I should not have half halted approaching the last , but I did and that’s why he stopped 3 strides out. I should have let him just canter down on the same pace he would have jumped it and clean to.” My response , “There is always another show”.

First round 1.40m Grand Prix below

Wesley taking more time to make sure his little girl knew how proud he was and always will be

Wesley taking more time to make sure his little girl knew how proud he was and always will be



  1. Anna Hanssen on 6 March 2017 at 5:18 pm

    Oh Trish what a day and we were there to see it all happen. Some one is going to be so lucky getting Johnny.

    • Trish on 6 March 2017 at 5:47 pm

      Thanks mum so glad you and dad stayed all day long’ we love you coming xx