Winner weight

The Winner for guessing Oaks Volta’s weight for 1st April is

Kristie Summerfield guessing 435 kg and his correct weight is 434 kg

Congratulations only 1 kg difference

Team Joyce will be sending you a prize kindly donated by Barastoc, Pakenham Produce & Saddlery and Team Joyce

How we determine the WINNER

The person who has guessed closest to the correct weight with the earliest day and time is the winner. So if you see a weight amount already posted guess 1 or 2 either side so you may have a better chance of being the winner.

Eg: Some one has guessed 312kg and you were going to put 312kg instead write 313kg or 311kg then your answer is on its own and can be closer or further from the correct answer.It is pointless guessing the same as them because they were already in the lead being an earlier post. So its a good idea to check what others have guessed before you nominate your weight.

Tape showing 434kg Well Done Kristie"