Volta body April

Oaks Volta total body measurements for March

Diagram of Volta's measurements


Poll to end muzzle: 59cm

Chin to shoulder: 56cm

Mane length: 10cm

Back length: wither to top dock: 112cm

Tail length top of dock to end tail: 73cm

Hind length top of coronet band to hock: 47cm

Front leg length top of coronet to elbow: 83cm

Height: 142cm = 14hh approx

Team Joyce shall remeasure all these areas again for April, so stay tuned to see where he has changed a lot or a little? What areas do you think will change? Please feel free to comment below as we would welcome any ideas…or thoughts. On May 1st we shall upload all new pictures and footage of Volta.

Oaks Volta happily grazing