Winner for Aug

Fabulous prizes for August thanks to Volta's sponsors

  •  Pakenham Produce & Saddlery – conformation book
  • Barastoc – drink bottle and pen
  • Riders Diary – A book and binder to get your diary started
  • EFO – riders gloves size medium
  • Horsewyse magazine


One of the great prizes for the Winner of guessing Volta's weight for August . A conformation book kindly donated by Pakenham Produce & Saddlery Store

Volta weighed 478 kg for the month of August. Team Joyce  noticed the abscess under his chin mid-late July and his behaviour did change slightly , he was not a happy chappy little spunky Volta as we know him to be. Volta also experienced his very first cold with symptoms of a runny nose and a sneeze here and there. The  morning and night hard feeds were hardly touched and he grazed mainly on Lucerne/oaten, grass hay and he drank water regularly. We observed him closely to make sure there was no yellow mucus coming from his nose and we checked his temperature every morning just to decide whether we needed to call a vet or not. The down side is that he lost weight, that is ok  because Volta still looks amazing in his overall body condition. He has plenty of top line because of the  top quality diet he has been receiving for so long now. It proves how important it is to feed your youngster  Barastoc Breed and Grow in the early stages so they still stay in top condition and recover quickly from natural ailments like the common cold. So Volta has lost a total of 11kg for August and he is just starting to eat his two hard feeds per day and his hay so his appetite is increasing.

Congratulations Maree Young you are the ” Winner ”of guessing closest to Volta’s weight for August.   Maree  guessed his weight to be  496 kg and Oaks Volta has currently lost weight and now weighs 478kg. Team Joyce will be sending you a prize kindly donated by Volta’s Sponsors: Barastoc & Ker, Pakenham Produce & Saddlery, Riders Diary, HorseWyse Magazine and EFO.