We are going to try AI

We are excited to say we have purchased some #1 Moore Kid Precision Design. Lals Haven Goat Stud are going to try AI on a doe in late 2023. Choosing the right doe is important – her age weight ,health are all factors in deciding of she would be the ideal candidate for Artificial Insemination. We are told AI is very hit and miss and sometimes it works and many times it does not.

We have completed a goat AI course to gain some extra knowledge and guidance. In the past we have inseminated cows and pigs hoping we can add goats to the list of sucessess. AI is quite time consuming plenty of patience is required along with big shoulders to except a negative pregnancy. And be persitant to want to try again next time.

What is the advantage of artificial insemination in goats? Eliminate or reduce the cost of maintaining bucks. Increase the rate of genetic improvement. Increase the number of does to which a buck could be bred. Breed several does the same day through use of AI and estrous synchronization. Lals Haven Goat Stud hope to genetically improve our herd.

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