Different goat societies

When I first started looking into goats I noticed there were many different goat soceities. I had no idea which one I should join or what sort of breed would suit my plan. It was all a bit overwhelming. In the end my focus was to purchase a pair close to home and get started with understanding good goat husbandry skills.

I purchased two sisters Tess & Claire from a local breeder, they were 3 months old. This is where the fun began. I spent lots of time reading and chatting to goat people. Learning lots along the way and yes making some minor mistakes, nothing major thank goodness. Before I knew it I had gathered myself 10 ladies all different types. Some miniature and some pygmy cross. Over time I realised that my eye enjoyed seeing the pygmy type of goat, a smaller thicker type than the miniature. There are many different goat societies out there – which one/s were for me?

Did you know they all have different rules and regulations. It is best to research which ones would suit your needs. Just to break it down here are some within Australia the MGA – MGBA – AABMGS – NPGAA.

Lals Haven Stud decided to join MGA – MGBA -AAMGS & NPGAA lol, yes I started with being apart of them all and deciding along the way what suited my needs. Nowdays I am with MGBA & NGPAA. What do all these letters mean? Well ‘ MGBA = Miniature Goat Breeders Association of Australia Inc & NPGAA = National Pygmy Goat Association of Australia.

Both societies have very dedicated goat experts and are different in terms of what you need to fulfill when doing certaint hings with your goats. MGBA have a few stipulations regading pygmy goats and you can find all the details here . I am very keen on the DNA side of things regarding animal breeding. I like to know 100% that the animals are by the dams and sires we say. There is no guessing or human error. NPGAA do not have the same stipulations – they have other requirements and guidlines which you can find here.

It is a personal preference as to what you as a goat wonder-breeder wish to do. I say ,”do what suits you”.

Enjoy the journey and make the most of loving your gorgeous goats – we sure do !