Tonimbuk Ho Ho Show & Expo

The weather was playing a huge factor in whether the show would even go ahead because on Wednesday the rain came down! Tonimbuk was drenched as many other places and with the showjumpng being out on the grass it was dubious if the horses could jump in mud and bog. Anyway as Friday approached the rain stayed away and the courses were set up for the two rings. Team Joyce loaded 5 horses we even needed to attach the float for the 5th horse because LH King Arthur and LH Pugsly take up two spots, that is what happens when they are just to big!

On Saturday morning the jumping started at 9am it was a very pleasant time to start, so many shows have been starting at 7.30am due to large numbers so having it a bit later was very nice indeed. Wes took LH Adelia over for the 1.05 and it was in Ring 1 on the grass. They jumped a super fast jump off and won the class.

Annie congratulating Wes on his win

Annie congratulating Wes on his win

Yes it was wet and boggy so they decided to move Ring 1 into the Sand arena for the higher heights.  A lot of riders had many opinions some said the sand would be to hard and the grass to wet some even thought they would not start no matter what the final choice. Majority wanted the sand so it was totally reconstructed in about 1 hr.

Wes was not sure about the sand arena either but after we watched a few horses go and ask what a few riders thought he decided to saddle up LH Pugsly and see for himself. The sand arena was great, all the rain from the week really helped out as the sand was very damp and the base was spongy not as hard as it normally would be. People were very pleased with the move and were keen to saddle up and enjoy some showjumping. Wes and LH Pugsly jumped a clean round in the 1.20m and had the very last fence down in the jump off. He then rode LH King Arthur in the 1.30m and Arthur did not like the look of the Mitavite fence at all, Wes had to re-approach. The jokes on the oustide of the arena were about how Arthur only loves Barastoc and he thought Mitavite were going to poison him. So he jumped a clean round but ended up with 4 faults. Sarah had a super day in Ring 2, with LH Albert winning the in the 80cm and placing 2nd in the 90 cm.

Wes and LH Pugsly in the 1.15m

Wes and LH Pugsly in the 1.15m

It was wonderful to catch up with Izzy Dafni and Lals Haven Cario, they jumped a super clean round in the 1.10m. We also saw Lynelle Johnson and LH Noah jumping and participating in the Dressage Clinic. Its great to see our Lals Haven performance horses out and about making their owners so happy.

On the Saturday night it was Volta’s time to shine. Volta was going to apart of the Horseland  Jumping Breeders Showcase.   We saddled him up and Wes rode him to the indoor. His eyes lit up when he saw everything inside and he even put in a few little humps when Wes was trotting around. I was talking on the microphone introducing our handsome fella’s….ha ha. We set up a jump and they jumped it with ease. I handed out a few of his flyers and we took him back. Sorry I have no pictures of Wes and Volta in the indoor but here are some of him before and after the parade.

Oaks Volta with his sponsored rug Horseland

Oaks Volta with his sponsored rug Horseland

On the Sunday Sarah rode LH Albert and LH Adelia in the 90cm and 1m classes, this arena really dried up well over night and she placed 4th in the 1m class on LH Adelia. Wes had LH Pugsly in the 1.15m and he had 3 rails and then rode Bolero de la Vie and Ulouve B Z in the 1.25m and as there were only 3 clean rounds and Wes was two of them, they decided not to jump off and share 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize money between them. Then the last class of the show the 1.35m and this was a busy class for Wesley as he put Team Mouser’s horses and The King in it as well.  This was going to be a Super Two Phase’ meaning it was a one rounder and the second part of the course was where you would go as fast as you could and if you had a rail you could keep going.Bolero jumped clean and with Ulouve and Arthur Wes lost his way at the same spot same fence . The number had fallen down but he said he thought he really should have remembered it from Bolero’s round. He was very tired and very happy with how both of them jumped, Uolouve had one rail and The King was clean again.

Well done to all the winners of 2013…..Team Joyce wish that everyone experience a win in some shape or form with their horse.Try not to take the competition world to serious and do your best and if its good enough on the day that is excellent ” soak up the glory if you were not well there is always another show. Winning does not always come in the color  blue……sometimes it is a personal win only you know about!

Nicky who organised the West Gippsland Expo did a fine job and there was plenty for people to see. All facets of the Equine world appeared to show off their style. It was the last Show for Team Joyce for 2013. Getting ready for the festive season and enjoy some quality family time.

Thank you to all and we hope you have enjoyed reading our blogs for 2013. Have a safe Happy Xmas and New Year.

See you all in 2014.


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We pride ourselves in enjoying the Equine lifestyle together . We humbly enjoy time as a close unit and hope to go to many more shows in the future exposing how wonderful it is to be able to catch up have a good hearty laugh.



  1. Izzy on 9 December 2013 at 5:57 am

    It was great to see you guys again and enjoy another Perfect day in the world of Showjumping, It was also great to “meet n Greet” with young Volta LOL. He is a very cool dude. Merry Christmas and happy new year to you all.

    Izzy & Cario

  2. Trish on 9 December 2013 at 6:01 am

    Hi Izzy, we look very forward to seeing you next year, maybe Boneo Park in Jan? Best wishes to you and your family!