Team Joyce build a truck shed

Hello to all our followers”

Team Joyce have been very busy over the passed few weeks constructing a shed for our Beast! She has been in a shed over the front of the farm. The shed is second hand and huge but the Beast is huge so we needed a large shed. Wes has had a lot of help with welding, digging and screwing. My dad John, Jordan Myors and Michael  have come over for many hours to lend a hand and apply their skills to completing this huge project. Its is not quite finished and will take a few more weeks to finalise the doors but here are a few picks of what it looks like now.

The view with just the bottom part of the right hand side posts. My Dad was amazing welding all the post bits and pieces.

The holes are dug and the bottom of the posts are in. Thanks dad for your skills in making sure the holes are in the right spots!

Yes the holes filled with water! Wes and Jordan dug many holes….

Wes made his own bracket for the post to sit on. He is very clever!

First part of the frame using the good old John Deere tractor. Posts are all concreted.

All frame is up in one day Thanks to Michael.


Wes on top of the Beast putting up the battens. She is more than a super horse truck.


Edge battens.

Battens all done!


Jordan putting the first sheets on the roof.

Tiffany helped lift all the sheets up to Jordan.

All the left side of the roof is nearly done.

Tiffany and the truck nearly covered….

Left side all done we celebrated!

Ok now the right side. Wes just joining a batten. Jordan waiting patiently.

Right side over half way.

Last roofing sheet Thanks to Jordan! We were all so relieved once we got to this stage.

This is the view from the top of one of our paddocks, looking down at our house and arena and NEW SHED ROOF!


We really do live a beautiful part of the world. The shed is not finished yet. Will post an update in another 2 weeks stay tuned for final stages….. Many Thanks to all our helpers we could not have done it without you all .