Sarah and Ace shine

Sarah went to her very first Showjumping competition on Irish Ace today. The competition was held at Wonthaggi Pony Club grounds Sunday 21st October. Sarah does not have a lot of spare time as she lives on campus at University and studies 4 out of 5 days and works days and nights in a Pharmacy. So spare time to ride is very hard to find. Wes has kindly borrowed one of his precious previous campaigned showjumpers Irish Ace. Wesley has always had a soft spot for Ace as he performed wonderfully throughout his jumping career starting from a Maiden D Grader right up to the top level competing in World Cups Australia wide. The amount of time and effort gone into educating Ace is far to many to try and itemise. It gives us great pleasure to see LH Warsaw  another of Wes’s well educated and also made it to the top level , ( World Cups Aust wide ) still out and about with a Junior , Natasha Dixon on her back and now we see Irish Ace with our own daughter Sarah having a huge amount of enjoyment doing what they do best, all because of good solid sound education over a very long period of time.

Irish Ace was fed 2.5kg  of  Barastoc Calm Performer each day and also grass hay ad lib. He was grazed in a paddock with good lush grass during the day and stabled at night. He looks amazing, his coat is glistening and for an older horse it is very important to administer good amounts of fibre in their diet and not to over do the protein intake but to balance it carefully depending on the amount of work they are enduring. Irish Ace is in Moderate work ,having about 1/2 per day of flat work and only schooling over a few  jumps once a week. Sarah felt that his preparation and final performance on the day was perfect for her to manage. Irish Ace was relaxed all day and looked like a real gentle giant and with Sarah only having three rides during the week of the event did very well to achieve their results.

The best all rounder pellet on the market today!

Sarah floated Ace by herself down to the grounds and was ready to ride in the ” A GRADE ” Level Power and Speed competition placing 4th. Tiffany and I were there to cheer her on once she had gone through the finish flags. Sarah did not know we were there and to see her smile and wave at us was just delightful.

Every photo you can see Sarah’s smile!

The next class was an AM5 and we stayed for the first round of that class as well. Ace had jumped clear and Sarah had to wait for the jump off. Sarah called us later on the phone to tell us she had placed 1st! Excitement was the feeling… was a great result.

Another smile


For the final class the A Grade competitors participated in a Speed class and the pair once again placed very well with a 3rd.

Yet again still smiling!!

It was just wonderful to see Sarah drive up the drive looking quite chuffed with herself and her pony from the day out. Its so nice to sit , chat and re-submit the stories about the whole day full of fun! Well done Sarah, now back to University she goes to do her exams. Good luck Sarah.

 Sarah is also waiting for her beloved LH Folly to foal in December. LH Folly is in foal to Caracas.

Sarah moving LH Folly closer to the house to keep and eye on her.


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  1. Izzy on 24 October 2012 at 12:30 pm

    Great work Sarah. it is always good to keep it going so we don’t lose the feeling of what it’s like jumping around.