Oaks Volta Sept

Oaks Volta is shaping up very well, he is developing into a stunning looking warmblood colt. It was so pleasing to watch his mother Oaks Altes jump in the Australian Speed Title class at the Australian Showjumping Championships on Friday 20th September with Amanda Madigan on board. The pair placed 5th in a class of 24 combinations and the rain pelted down during the class so just to come out and ride was a tough feat!.

1st Vicki Rocroft           Casino Royale        Clean round         Time

2nd Anthony Thomas         Levitation          4 faults             74.67

3rd Jamie Kermond             Lamaz              4 faults             76.51

4th David Cameron             RR Triple X       4 faults              76.90

5th Amanda Madigan        Oaks Altes         4 faults              78.90

Amanda Madigan & Oaks AlteS

Amanda Madigan & Oaks Altes at the 2013 Australian Showjumping Championships

Oaks Altes with her sash

Oaks Altes with her sash Volta’s mother!


Here are a few shots of Tiffany riding him for the last time .

Oaks Volta is having a spell at the moment after being ridden under saddle on and off for a few months. He is going so kindly for Tiffany and she says he feels so easy to ride and jump. Wes has done a great job in breaking him in which has made handling and riding so easy for us girls. Wes is at him every day though to keep his mind and manners in check, he respects our space and does not wish to stand on you or over you which is how we like our colts to behave. With changing his work load we also need to re-construct his feeding regime so I made contact with Luisa Wood the Nutritionists from Kentucky Equine Research. ( lwood@ker.com )

Quote from Luisa:

I have attached a spelling diet for Oaks Volta that decreases the energy he is receiving to match his reduced workload, however still successfully supplies all necessary nutrients. The diet recommends forage (grass, oaten and lucerne hay), 800g KER All-Phase and 200g Equi-Jewel, however please alter amounts according to his body condition. Low quality plain grass hay is ideal for horses that aren’t in work as it generally contains less sugar than most other hay types, and Volta could have constant access to this type of hay to ensure forage requirements are met.


All-Phase is ideal for spelling horses as it conveniently meets all requirements for essential vitamins and trace minerals while keeping energy levels low. It is low in starch and contains a unique combination of essential amino acids, vitamins, organic minerals, antioxidants and yeast culture in a convenient low dose pellet. The Equi-Jewel will only be necessary if you feel he needs it to maintain some condition, it is a great way of assisting with weight maintenance while providing cool energy to hopefully avoid any hyperactive behaviour while they are having a break from work.

Please make sure you make the transition from Competitor to All-Phase slowly over seven to ten days to allow Volta’s digestive tract to adjust to the feed change.


Mane increased 2 cm ~ back length increased 1cm ~ tail increased 3cm ~ wither increased.5cm ~ rump increased 1cm

Volta's weight for August

Volta’s weight for August 499kg in July he was 492kg

Wes leading Volta out to his paddock

Wes leading Volta out to his paddock

Volta running up to us in his paddock

Volta running up to us in his paddock

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  1. Anna on 3 October 2013 at 12:05 pm

    Love reading all your about your horse’s,he is a good look boy.