New home for LH Annie-Elka

Lals Haven Warmbloods have been following all their sold Performance horses to keep updated on the progress with the new owners. Lals Haven purchased LH Annie-Elka as a 3 year old from a place out in the middle of nowhere! Wes and I remember driving to the property and the dirt road went up and down for many kilometres and finally out of the woods a house with quite a few horses in the paddocks. We purchased four Warmbloods in a package all young and un-touched you were not even able to pat them. Annie-Elka was one of these four. They were delivered to our farm on an open trailer with 2 one week and the other 2 the next week. They were jumped in and jumped out!

All the handling started with LH Annie-Elka in the next few days, she was very receptive to feed and it was not long before she knew what a bucket was all about. Wes broke her in quite quickly and Tiffany was riding her within 2 weeks. We used her to chase the cows for about 5 months and jumped logs out on the farm. She was a very good cow chaser! Tiffany and Annie bonded instantly and it was not long before we could see Annie had a special talent,” LH Annie-Elka could jump very well”. We took her out twice to freshmans and then put her out for a rest as the show season had started and she was not quite ready for that, our plan was to bring her out at the end of the season.

The story just gets better from here and Tiffany experienced a huge amount of success on LH Annie-Elka in a very short time. She was a clean careful jumper the Junior classes were no stress and if LH Brittany placed 1st,there were many times LH Annie-Elka placed as well. By the time she was 5 years old Annie was jumping Young Rider classes with ease.

Tiffany jumping LH Annie-Elka in the Junior at Tonimbuk Indoor

Tiffany jumping LH Annie-Elka in the Junior class at Tonimbuk Indoor placing 3rd

Spare time was becoming non existent as Tiffany was attending Year 12 and plans to start University the year after. We had long discussions on what was best for Annie, she was not being used as much and Tiffany preferred to keep LH Brittany and thought it was best to sell her onto another rider who could have great success. LH Annie -Elka was sold to Tom McDermott who campaigned her for 2 years with massive success. Team Joyce were not surprised at all watching Tom win class after class and Annie tried her hardest in every event to do her best.

Tom then sold LH Annie-Elka to a young junior aged only 15 years old in December 2012. Kate Hinschen was to be Annie’s new owner and Kate was very happy to provide her thoughts and plans for Annie for you all to read.

LH Annie-Elka at her new home

LH Annie-Elka now owned by Kate Hinschen at her new home

Story kindly written by Kate Hinschen

The things I love most about LH Annie-Elka~She tries her very best every time I ride her and listens to everything I tell her. She is very cuddly and will follow me around the stable until I give her a scratch and if I dont she will nudge me with her nose!

What I hope to achieve with Annie~ To do well at the Australian Championships in the Juniors and next year I will start to enter her in Young Rider classes.

Where I am off to next~ I am taking Annie to the Queensland State Championships in Gympie and then after that the Queensland Winter Showjumping run starts.

My plans for later in the year~ I would like to bring Annie down south to do the Summer Classic at the end of the year and then the a Australian Championsips held at Werribee in October and if there is a show in Tamworth we will do that as well.

LH Annie-Elka’s favorite class ~ The most favourite class I love to ride on Annie would have to be a ‘Speed Class’ for sure, she is so quick and careful! I can gallop her to a fence and by the time she lands she can spin in a different direction.

I have just had my 16th birthday at the end of April and attending Year 11 . I still don’t really know what I want to be, I attend a Lutheran school on the Sunshine Coast Qld.

My success so far with LH Annie-Elka so far: At my first Queensland show I placed 5th in the Junior Chamionships. At Murgon Ag show she placed 2nd in the 1.20 Championship then at Toowoomba Royal Annie placed a credible 1st place in the Juniors and ‘Equal 1st in the 6 bar clearing 1.60m . And my most recent show (Sunshine Coast May weekend show, just past 4th-5th May ) I entered her in the 1.30m Speed Championship feature event under lights and we finished with only 4 penalties.

Thank you so much Kate for sending us your story and we look very forward to an update later in the year. We wish you many successes and happy riding with LH Annie -Elka!