LH Titan blast from the past

Tiffany Joyce jumping LH Titan 2009

Tiffany Joyce jumping LH Titan 2009 at Werribee Park in a D Grade event placing 2nd


Where has time gone? Team Joyce have had a recent update on LH Titan, he was also a horse we bred here in South Gippsland. Wesley broke him in and Tiffany started his competition life. The pair went very well and produced many good results. LH Titan was a very kind easy going gelding. We sold him as a 7 year old to compete in the Youth Olympics held at Singapore in 2010. Glen Haven Park were the crew to train a large group of horses over many months and have a finished product for many different riders from all over the world to compete on. Glen Haven Park were the official trainers for the Youth Olympics. The overall success of the Youth Olympics Showjumping event owes a massive congratulations to Glen Haven Park, because they are the people who delivered the whole process with great success. LH Titan was one of the horses purchased for the plan ahead. Glen Haven park trained and educated more than 30 horses each day and then accompanied them by plane over to Singapore.

LH Titan doing the trot up

LH Titan doing the trot up

Riders were not able to choose the mount they rode, names were called out of a hat and a horse as well. LH Titan had a rider from Kazakhstan named  Dalma Rushdi H Malhas. The pair bonded well and over the 3 days of competition proved to be one of the best combinations because with a result of two good clears in the  Individual Competition a Silver Medal was won! Team Joyce were so very proud to hear LH Titan all the way from rolling hills in South Gippsland was the second best performance horse at the Youth Olympics.

After the Youth Olympics were over LH Titan was sold to a young girl. He is very happy and well looked after and lives at a riding school in Singapore. Team Joyce are very pleased to hear LH Titan has a good home and has acclimatised well to the Singapore conditions. Team Joyce are still breeding more youngstock out of Rusty LH Titans mother!

LH Titan produly doing a lap of honour

LH Titan & Dalma Rushdi H Malhas proudly doing a lap of honour



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