Maffra Agi show

Team Joyce attended the Maffra Agricultural show on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th October. It has been a while since we have been to an Agricultural show because the showjumping clubs are organizing showjumping shows/events only some Agricultural shows have showjumping classes now. We loaded up LH Pugsly, LH Johnny and LH Adele on Thursday afternoon and arrived by 6pm to make our 3 yards. All our horses were rugged and settled before dark and it was going to be interesting to see if they were going to cope alright with the new noises and atmosphere an Agricultural show brings as it is very different from a showjumping show. It was the very first sleep over for LH Johnny and LH Adele but LH Pugsly was to show his mature nature and bring calmness to the camp as he just stood there very relaxed.

Team Joyce yards at Maffra

Team Joyce yards at Maffra

In the morning we could hear trucks arriving and driving passed our yards, it startled our two youngsters and they had there eyes peeled and ears pricked standing tall wondering why and where all this noise was coming from. After a morning feed they seemed to just relax a little more. LH Johnny was first to go in the Stuart Hair Memorial 65cm and he warmed up much better than last week as this was still only his second time in an arena ever and he was very willing. Double clean and now standing quite nicely in his yard, after 40 horses Wes heard LH Johnny placed 4th. LH Johnny then went in the Maffra Floorworld 85cm and he also jumped clean with and with ease, this would be the last time he needed a small height he was defintely ready for a bigger class tomorrow. Wes then rode LH Adele in the Australian Quality Pet Foods 1m class and the Transedel Pty Ltd 1.10m and she to placed 4th again we were shocked because there was 70 horses in that class. LH Adele traveled more relaxed in the  Transedel Pty Ltd 1.10m and seems to be getting the idea of a course now, this is her third jumping round ever and she to is coping very well. For two youngsters and only out once before Team Joyce are very pleased with how they are coping so far. It was then LH Pugsly’s turn and he went in the  Transedel Pty Ltd 1.10m and Newsxpress Maffra 1.20m and had one rail down in each class, but he was happy jumping the course with ease.

On Saturday morning there was a lot more noise and action everywhere. So many more facets had arrived and we had to go for a walk and look around because there was so much to see. Team Joyce loved going to all the Agricultural shows with a truck load as a family many years ago. Sarah and Tiffany would ride all day in the show ring with me cheering on ring side and Wes would jump in the showjumping ring. When the girls reached 12 years of age they could then try out a bit of showjumping but not every show back then has a smallish class the first classes were a Maiden D Grade which started at 1.05-1.10m. The smaller heights of 65cm have only been going for the past 5-6 years. Even a Ring 2 with small heights was un-heard of at many shows but now they are a run of the mill. Some weekends we would take  show pony and a jumper so our days were very jam packed full of fun! Team Joyce even took show chooks as well now they were happy times. I have a few pictures here of all the wonderful things around the show grounds.

LH Johhny was first in the Crow Horwath 85cm and was placing 6th until the very last horse which was number 65 and then he was pipped off the placings and placed a creditable 7th! Then he went in the Australian Quality Pet Foods 1.05 and this was going to be a testing round to see if he would be accepting of the height and distances. Yes he was and even the double was a test and he just took it all in his stride. Then LH Adele was to jump in the Australian Quality Pet Foods 1.05m and she had one rail and jumped well. It was LH Pugsly who was tested today and he was having a go in the Calcimo Lime & Fertilizers 1.25m Wes was happy with his efforts as he had two rails and made green mistakes so next week he will step him up again and have another go.

LH Pugsly jumping well in the 1.25m

LH Pugsly jumping well over the oxer in the 1.25m

LH Pugsly jumping well

LH Pugsly jumping well straight fence



Team Joyce had a very nice time at Maffra show and now look forward to Sale Agricultural show next week. With the side shows near the jumping ring we are sure this shall give all three of our horses something to see!!

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  1. keith on 30 October 2013 at 10:55 pm

    What a great report Trish. Very comprehensive. A mighty read. And making the trip up to Stratford this weekend so may drop into the sale show. Regards. Keith

  2. Trish on 31 October 2013 at 2:12 am

    Thank you Keith, Sale Ag show will also be great! It is wonderful being able to go to a few Agricultural shows hope to see you there.