Future Stars Show

It was an amazing day at Lang Lang for the Port Phillip showjumping club Future Stars show. Hardly any wind and a hot sunny day did help make the day a glorious one. Every body loved being out with their horses and you could see the horses loved the warmth as well. The numbers were large in every class so the first two classes became an A2 which just  means they were one rounders no jump off, a speed class. This did not matter to us at all because Team Joyce had very green youngsters who were just out for a day of experience.

Bolero and LH Adele in the yarded area

Bolero and LH Adele in the yarded area

Team Joyce loaded up LH Adele, LH Pugsly, LH Johnny and Bolero who actually was not ours , Wes was asked to ride him in two classes. It was to be the very first time for LH Johnny on the truck and out off the farm so we expected his eyes to be wide open when we arrived. It was LH Adele’s first competition she had been on the truck before and taken to Tonimbuk but just for the ride not for an official class. But LH Pugsly and Bolero had been out a few times before.

Tiffany was first on with LH Johnny in the 85 cm, yes his eyes were so wide open and riding in the warm up arena with the other horses was also very tough to tackle. Having horses come passed and toward you was a shock for him. Tiffany rode so well and gave him his head and just kicked him forward encouraging him not to stress and worry but relax and enjoy the ride. In they went and around the course with ease, not for Tiffany so much as she needed to keep kicking and pushing  because Johnny needed plenty of encouragement. On the way past the gate way Johnny drifted out as young horses do and had the next fence down but that was all. Tiffany was so excited and happy with her round and was very keen for the 95cm next up. They also jumped around this class looking more calm again with just one rail, the same one! The beaming smile in the pictures below tell it all.

LH Johnny is a gelding out of LH Folly. Johnny is 5 years old and reaches 16hh, his father is Adam Johnston’s stallion Woodleigh Don Juan. Team Joyce have not done anything with Jonhnny until last year, Wes broke him in and then turned him out. Now that both LH Brittany and LH Folly are sold there was room for Johnny to have a chance at making the Team. So far he has shown his worth registering and see how he pans out after a few months. He has a wonderful temperament and loves to jump. He has a big journey ahead of him as he is booked on the truck until Xmas time and he will go everywhere and see everything.

Wes then rode LH Adele in the 95 cm and she was extremely lookey in the warm up arena but once she had cantered round and jumped a few jumps she settled down and jumped nicely int he ring also having one rail. Wes then took her in the 1.05m which was an AM5 meaning all clean rounds would come back for a jump off. Adele just had one rail but jumped the course with ease.

It was LH Pugsly and Bolero’s turn . Bolero started in the 1.05m and jumped double clean he was a very well behaved boy , Wes did not try and go so quick in the jump off as the horse just needed to canter around. Both LH Pugsly and Bolero were to go in the 1.15m class and Wes was looking a bit tired by now as the day was quite hot and he had ridden a lot of rounds. Puglsy just had one rail and Bolero placed 4th! So it was a very good day for Team Joyce, a long day but great fun.

The Port Phillip showjump club have really done a lot of work on the grounds to make it look amazing and the wooden seats around the arena created many relaxing places to stop and watch relax and enjoy the day of jumping.

Next week we are off to Maffra Agricultural show with LH Pugsly, LH Adele and LH Johnny so we shall see how they go there!

Team Joyce are proudly sponsored by Barastoc ~ Horseland ~ The Joint Formula

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