LH Folly out and about again

Just a quick update for those who do not have Facebook. Team Joyce have been out and about this weekend and the last only with Tiffany and LH Folly. The farm ute and float have been very handy with just one horse to go. LH Folly is really starting to become a real pleasure to have in our stable again. After having two years off having a foal being weaned and in full work has been a tiny bit of a shock we think. Her great jumping style has not changed a bit she is still as strong and sharp as always. Tiffany has not ridden her since she was 12 years old because she was Sarah’s horse. With Tiffany in her last year as a Young Rider we thought it would be nice for her to enjoy another top quality jumping horse in these classes as she had with LH Brittany. Tiffany said , ” My legs hurt and my arms I am so unfit”. Being in Europe for the past 7 months and not doing a lot of riding it will take a few weeks to feel good again. Team Joyce are setting LH Folly and Tiffany for the Australian Showjumping Championships in September. Hopefully our lead up in the coming weeks will go well and the pair will have a crack!. Tiffany is now at University at La Trobe nearly every day and lives 2 hours from home so her riding time is very limited but we are not focused on the ribbons we are very focused on getting around confidently and safely and above all enjoying the riding.It gives us all such a buzz preparing and planning.

Last weekend we were at Boneo Park Showjumping on the Sunday and we went for the 1.10m and 1.20m Young Rider. The new pair went extremely well indoors placing on both classes. Only once did the pair have a mis-communication but no bother to Folly as always and they just keep in going through the finish flags.

Watch Tiffany Joyce and LH Folly in the Open 1.10m placing 2nd. In the Young Riders they placed 3rd.


Just today 11th Aug we got out of bed at 4.45am and left for the  Geelong Showjumping Championships again with just Tiffany and LH Folly. Team Joyce were only in the second class so we needed to arrive by 9am. Wes and Tiffany walked the course and I saddled up LH Folly. Over we went to have a go in the Ryan Mc Cubbin Memorial Young Rider. We were absolutely delighted with a fabulous round there was only one spot where Tiffany felt she came around a corner a little to quick and let her run a bit down to number 10 and she had that one down. Only 4 clear rounds, it was nice to see one of them was an ex- LH horse, LH Warsaw. Anyway Tiffany and LH Folly placed 5th as they were the quickest 4 falter. Team Joyce patted our Folly and hugged our Tiffany because it was a massive improvement on last week. Its funny how as each week goes by little things just get better and better, patience and time is the essence and then the results shine!

Tiffany Joyce and the Judge Mr Kevin Taranto with a lovely purple sash for 5th place

Top pic – Tiffany Joyce and the Judge Mr Kevin Taranto with a lovely purple sash for 5th place                                                                           Bottom pic – LH Warsaw ( grey mare ) 2nd place and LH Folly 5th, two LH horses in the line up!

Team Joyce shall have two weeks off shows now as there is nothing on until Euroa at the end of the month. Once again we are very excited to be going there why you ask? , because we shall all of Team Joyce will be together again! Sarah is trekking down from Wagga Wagga and we shall take her LH Albert up for her to have a ride as well. LH King Arthur re-appears and of course LH Folly for Tiffany. Oh and LH Pugsly the youngster joins the team on the truck and his very first yard and stay over night experience.

Chat again then. Bye for now.