LH Performance horses shine

Team Joyce love to hear results of how all our LH Performance horses are going and we encourage the owners to keep in touch and let us know where they have been and where they are going and what they hope to achieve.

Thank you for keeping us in the loop!

Read the latest updates from Kate Hinschen and LH Annie-Elka

Kate Hinschen has been very successful with LH Annie-Elka. The pair have attended many shows every weekend in Queensland.On May 18th Annie got 10th in my first Young Rider with her at Queensland State Titles as I had a very unlucky rail on her at Maryborough.

Then on the 24th May we had an awesome show with Annie getting a 1st in the Six Bar , 2nd in Junior’s the day before and 3rd in the A & B Grade the next day!

On June 15th we had an awesome show at Nambour with  Annie placing 1st in Juniors on day 1 and also winning the Junior Championship and Juniors AM5.

June 29th-30th LH Annie-Elka won the 1.25 AM5 at Tamworth and 5th in the Young Rider Championship last night!!!

We didn’t have a rail all show!!!

Annie was the star of the show at Gatton placing 5th in the 1.20 and 1st in the junior champ today!!

LH Annie-Elka wins the Junior at Gatton show

LH Annie-Elka wins the Junior at Gatton show

Read the latest updates from Izzy Dafni and Lals Haven Cario:

 We would also like to bring you up to date with Izzy Dafni , he has been so vigilant in his training at home, his dedication is just fabulous. Izzy is so dedicated and wants to achieve not only clear rounds in the coming season but be able to tackle higher courses and ride them with ease and control. Izzy said he just loves riding and enjoys setting up new jumping fences he made himself . He then sets up the camera to video his training so he can watch it and try and improve in areas that need attention.

Hi Guys, we had another great weekend at Tonimbuk “JUMP FOR FUN” round 4 . We have managed 4th place in the 1m Class with great round apart from the second part of the double but Cisco made up for it in the 1.10m class as he jumped super big to an Oxer from a long spot to save us (Super effort). He had every good reason to stop but he has listened to my leg and jumped from miles away  (Shame I didn’t go with him as I just got left behind but recovered well for the next fence). Everyone was screaming circle off to the next fence but we got it together and recovered well. We also got 3rd in the 1.10m Class.

 We are currently running 2nd in the 1m Class over all and 3rd in the 1.10m class .

Izzy Dafni and Lals Haven Cario 3rd place

Izzy Dafni and Lals Haven Cario 3rd place


Hi Guys, I hope you guys are doing well and keeping busy. We had our 5th round at Tonimbuk this weekend and had a blast, LH Cario got a well earned massage on Saturday and was good to go on Sunday. We entered the 1m class as a warm-up and had 1 lazy rail down and was happy with the round. Then we entered the 1.10m class and I believe it was our best 1.10m  to date and great preparation for next season where we shall attempt the D-Grades. ( P.S we got 2nd place in the 1.10m. )

Izzy Dafni and Lals Haven Cario 2nd place

Izzy Dafni and Lals Haven Cario 2nd place