Just need some rounds

Team Joyce drove to Lang Lang Saturday morning with Oaks Volta and LH Johnny. Both jumped in the 1.15m and 1.25m. Every class was a one rounder ,we were not going for speed. Both Wes and Tiffany just need some rounds.

After many months of inconsistency Team Joyce just need some rounds

Tiffany came away with 1 time fault , Wes 1 refusal in the 1.15m – in the 1.25m 1 rail for Volta and 2 rails for Johnny. The grass jumping arena is spectacular. We had a lovely evening chatting outside with a few friends the night was quite cool the air so still sometimes gazing up at the stars. Wes & I really enjoyed having Tiffany & Macey stay in the truck with us.

Sunday was full of many mixed emotions which we all know horses can do from one round to another. Johnny was a champion he had 1 down 1.10m and made the jump off in the 1.20m. Ended up with time faults but the goal was achieved. Tiffany is very happy with how he improved over the weekend.

Not the same for Wes, as Volta sent him flying over fence 4a

Wes was furious to say the least. I actually asked,” Should we go home now?”. Well what do you think his answer was ? ” Hell no ‘ I am going to take him in the 1.30m”. That is exactly what he did and placed 4th. He jumped two magnificent rounds. Wes was not going terribly quick in the jump off as he was determined to try and keep things right from start to finish. That is exactly what he did.

Wes is so tough and determined , these traits are why he such a great horseman – my personal opinion 🙂

Tonight he is feeling a bit sore in places the body does not bounce like it used to. I always admire his determination it really does get him to where he is today. From the pit to the podium all within 2 hrs in one day and in the main class of the show. I can say it cause I am biased, my Wes he is a champion 🙂

Now we are getting ready for the Easter Show at Mt Gambier. Hope you all had a nice weekend