5th place Tiffany & LH Johnny

Team Joyce braved the rain hail and wind on Saturday jumping at Boneo Park. It was absolutely pouring here at home before we left. Looking at the rain radar Boneo looked as though it had scattered showers. We took Oaks Volta, LH Johnny and LH Voleta. One highlight was 5th place Tiffany & LH Johnny.

The pink ribbon for 5th place 1.10m Tiffany & LH Johnny was very exciting

It is such a great feeling knowing that it does not matter what the weather is like Boneo Park produces the same conditions every time, perfection. Jumping on the sand or grass arenas in hot or wet conditions makes no difference at all. On a young or established horse is of no concern as a rider you know the best surroundings are at Boneo Park.

Both LH Johnny & Oaks Volta jumped great

Johnny competed in the 1.10m & 1.20m, Oaks Volta 1.20m & 1.30m. All classes were one rounders. Tiffany said he felt keen , ” He wanted to jump at what ever I pointed him at”. Wes said , ” I could add or take out strides , he was relaxed content and wanted to get to the fences “. We call that a wrap. We have Port Phillip next weekend then venture to SA for the Mt Gambier Easter Blue Lakes Stakes hoping to compete in the Futurity.

LH Voleta experienced her first horse wash at Boneo

To see all the video action at Boneo Park – Jumping rounds etc

Have you met Macey Joyce ‘ here is Tiffany’s new little puppy. Lab-Kelpie x Whipet she has captured our hearts already. She is so playful friendly and fits in perfectly to Tiffany’s lifestyle. Macey will join us at all the events so please feel free to stop by and give Macey a hug she loves people.