First Preliminary Dressage competition

Team Joyce drove to Warragul Equestrian Centre today to cheer on Stephen Valentine riding a past Lals Haven bred Performance horse LH Mr Percival . They were venturing out to compete in their first Preliminary Dressage competition. Stepehen’s partner & head strapper Joel was there to make sure everything went smoothly. Recently the facility where Stephen works lost a few workers , Joel eagerly stepped up and replaced many hands to make running the day to day duties happen. It was a long 2 hr and 50 minute drive for them really just to do two tests but that is what one needs to do if you are trying to get a youngster established the competition world. LH Mr Percvial looks stunning, what a fine home he lives in. His coat, mane and tail are so shiney being a sunny day he was glistening in the sunshine. Perci was so relaxed munching on the oaten hay while Joel helped Stephen complete final touches before mounting the 18hh gigantic baby. Stephen thought he had grown in the 3 months they have had him.

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The warm up in the indoor went well amongst all the other competitors, they then ventured outside to the sand arena to do the official Preliminary test. Wes and I gladly caught up with David Middleton the owner of the Warragul Equestrian Centre, it was so nice to catch up on the goings on it seems as though David will be back before you know it on some new youngsters he has breed.

Team Joyce thought Stephen rode LH Mr Percival  exceptionally well , they delivered a nice smooth easy going test. Stephen kept him calm and happy from start to finish. We are sure these two will turn many heads in the Dressage world and look very forward to many more updates in the future.

Have a quick listen to the Barastoc Chat-ski today with Stephen & Joel

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