Boneo Park Cup Show

Team Joyce attended one day at the Boneo Park Cup Show. We drove over on Sunday early morning with LH Johnny, Bolero de la Vie, Ulouve BZ and Fly Hendenlaan Z. Truly Boneo Park amaze us every time we arrive. We were there only a month ago and the improvements and upgrades made since then have been massive. They have constructed a new stable block frame and a new arena. Last time we noticed all the yards and parking areas for more trucks. It was so easy to drive in and out , the horse facilities are perfect. The show had already started on Friday but Wes only wanted one start per horse after last weeks set backs. On the Monday after the Sale Spring Show the three horses were re-shod and fingers were crossed. Wes was so keen to hop on and have a feel. Fly felt the stiffest but Ulouve and Bolero felt better than they did at Sale so any improvement is one we grab. They are not as good as they were last Friday but better than the Saturday and Sunday.

Tiffany and LH Johnny went in the Open 1.10m and had one rail . Johnny looked good but we think jumped a bit flat so in the coming days we shall increase the Barastoc Calm Performer pellets by giving him a lunch time feed. It will not matter if he is a little fresh starting at the Australian Championships on Thursday in the Emerald Series as he has a full three days of jumping ahead of him , and Saturday the pair are going to have a crack at the Breast Cancer Network Australia class.

Wes had all three in the Mini Prix and we think they were at least 100% better than last week in the 1.30m. Here is what Wes thought, listen to the Team Joyce Chat-ski


We are home early enough to pack the living area of the truck full of all the goodies for the fundraiser class on Saturday 20th at the Aussie Champs. Jump for Support with Moody Racing raising funds for Breast Cancer Network Australia has been a very pleasurable experience and one I have enjoyed doing immensely. It will be even more enjoyable to see everyone happy on the day loving what we have to offer. Thank you to Amanda Day for helping me from the very start it has been alot of fun.

Look at ll the stuff

Look at all the stuff

See you all the the Werribee Jeep Australian Showjumping Championships.