Australian Showjumping Championships


Team Joyce went well at the 2015 Championships considering how the horses were feeling after Sale show. Wes had one rail in each height class on all three horses. On Saturday the horses went straight into the Werribee Jeep Arena to attempt the Future Stars class. We expected them to be very tentative being young green horses with not being able to have seen all the trade stands , people ring side the flowers and big screen in full view but to our delight all three showed pure talent! Bolero had the second last down, Fly one down at fence 5 and Ulouve had two down in the middle of the course. All of them focused on the jumps and tried very hard to jump clean. They are not 100% but they still nearly jumped clean. Wes and Ian were very pleased!

Tiffany and LH Johnny also went great, Tiffany jumped clean in her first two qualifiers but forgot fence four on Thursday and fence six on Friday. She was upset with herself and said why did,” I DO THAT?”. These things happen and you just have to say oh well ….next time. Johnny looked tired on Saturday for the pink class and had one rail. So Team Joyce had a great championships for 2014 our young horses went super!

What a week, what a long week and the lead up to the week was huge to. The months that went into planning an awesome show all paid off. This was definitely the biggest task I have ever organised every before. I started on the Werribee Jeep ASJC Facebook  page back in March slowly promoting the National event. I can say I have spent many hours putting together promo ads and making a timeline to advertise sponsors and traders rider information and of course the Pink day. The Pink day was what made my whole show, seeing all the riders and people smiling and dressed in pink made me feel so over joyed. The whole concept was to promote Breast Cancer Network Australia and to give as many riders a chance to enjoy the Throne and the Live streaming. All these things normally happen in the Main Arena and not in the outside arenas. Gaining 100 entrants contributing a $55.00 donation as the entry fee for the class proved it was definitely something they all wanted to be apart of. But when the Saturday arrived and we saw even the horses were pink, dogs and people and even a buggie this was much more than my mind had hoped for. How do I ever thank everyone who made the effort to dress up, who tried to look very pink who donated money and to the nice kind people who just said Thank you’ .

I wish to take this opportunity to THANK YOU ALL’…… everyone made this special Pink day a massive success. You made it look awesome, you and your horse looked the part. Thank you to the Day family for all your heart and soul time and effort and support, I could not have made it happen on time at all there was lots to do! Did you know that the Live streaming means riders can now buy the whole pink class on a USB stick to have forever as a memento so if you wish to have the class to look back on order the stick by emailing Annie White or call 0432 077 028 by Friday 26th September. We raised just over $15,000 for BCNA so that is something to celebrate as well. We must thank all our sponsors because they offered all the prizes as there was no prize money, the prizes totaled over $15,000 as well so a job well done all round. Every sponsor had a Pink lady named after them as did all the $100 donate-rs and these were placed on the Barton Equine Arena.


A young girl named Brittany Withers won the Pink class riding King Leo and a lady named Airle Robinson from Bunyip won the award of Most Pink Ladies sprayed on her stallion Mt Robinsons Gwhair. Airlie knew this award was up for grabs and kindly spread the word and between friends and family fundraised $2200 in Pink Ladies to be sprayed on the horse for the Pink Day. The Biomex deluxe Saddle donated by Stubben produced $4200 and with the Silent Auction items and entry fees of riders plus the online donations to purchase Pink ladies we were able to achieve a very rewarding total. Thank you to all who supported the Breast Cancer Network Australia.

Sponsors to thank

Moody Racing – Berli Ariat – Barastoc – HidezHorseland – Just Ribbons – Bloomfield EquestrianShiranna Garlands  – Skye Park Rugs – Joseph Lyddy – Glenbrae Signs –Promectin Plus mini – SS SaddlerySnaffle- it Horse Supplies Fine Equine Design Horse Hair JewellerySnaffle -it Snap Shots – E.F.O. – Heidi Bast / Chick Built Showjumps – Bowden Group – Horse Sport Embroidery – Australia Wide Badges 

Bolero, Ulouve and Fly have gone back to Bairnsdale for a little rest and LH Johnny has his shoes off and out in a large paddock full of grass for two weeks rest. So sorry I had no time to do any Chat-ski’s from Team Joyce but stay tuned as our next show is in October and we will be firing on all cylinders by then. Oaks Volta looks very handsome and we look very forward to his first foal in Jan 2015.