Sale Spring Show

Team Joyce had a real tough show at Sale.  Team Joyce showjumping can be up and down! We left with four horses on Thursday night at about 7pm as Tiffany was driving from University leaving Melbourne at 4pm. We arrived at Gavin and Sharyn Chesters at around 10.30pm and put the horses in the stables. First thing on Friday morning Tiffany and Wes were given some fantastic jumping lessons the horses looked and felt super. We had to be finished and in the showgrounds by midday as Ian had his farrier ready to shoe his three horses. We made the yards and the shoeing was done by 3pm and the gear was cleaned and ready by 5pm.

On Saturday Tiffany and LH Johnny rode in the Open 1.10m and jumped a wonderful clean round and had one down in the jump off.  Tiffany and LH Johnny went in the Open 1.20m , and looked very comfortable. Yes the pace was not perfect all the way around but you cannot expect that when a youngster is trying to work out his way in and out of bigger fences and combinations.

If you wish to hear how they pair went here is Tiffany’s Chat-ski

Wes then rode all three Bolero, Ulouve and Fly in the Open 1.30m and all I can say is something was terribly wrong! They looked tight and uncomfortable and the jumping technique was stinted. Wes said they do not feel right, how can this be yesterday they jumped awesome all week they felt good. He got changed and went to look at each horse carefully and he decided the shoeing is the problem and on all three! He did not like how the shoes were set and placed on the feet. He decided to make his own changes and hoped the would feel different tomorrow.

Well Sunday arrived and the sun was so warming it was wonderful to be at a show. Tiffany jumped LH Johnny again the Open 1.10m and he jumped clean up until the last treble and he looked tired and had a fence down . Tiffany said he felt really good. Wes then hoped on Bolero and Ulouve for the Open 1.40m and his worst fears arose, he thought they did not feel a lot better than yesterday. Both horses had two rails in each round. Wes decided he needed to check Fly before the 1.30m to see if he had improved. But no he not either, he had one rail but jumped very flat with no lift really at all. Its only one week to the Nationals and here we are with massive feet problems on all three, can we fix it in such a short time. Where do we start and what can be done?

Stay tuned to see if we end up ok or not!