It is the 14th year Team Joyce has attended the Berwick Agricultural Show.

Once again the organizers have done a wonderful job in keeping all the showjumpers

happy. The grass arena was in perfect condition and David Sheppard built

very consistent courses throughout the two days and provided good entertainment

for all the spectators to watch exciting jumps offs.

Wes on LH Beckham saluting Annie White the judge.

Wesley rode LH Beckham in the Open 1.30m Drafting & Design on the Saturday and placed 4th and on the

Sunday placed 6th in the Open 1.35m NAB Championship.

Wes and LH Beckham back at the yards.

Sarah rode LH King Arthur and competed in  the Maiden D  and D Grade classes

and made all jump offs but did not place this time but looked as though they

were a match made in heaven. Sarah had only ridden LH King Arthur twice

during the week and just hopped on to enjoy herself and that she did, and

Arthur to. Sarah is now back at University but before the work load becomes

to much she fitted in a show.

It was a lovely weekend to see and talk with some very nice showjumping people.

Looking forward to going back in 2013.

Sarah's little Echo parked next to the Beast