LH Warsaw Story


Our Story:

On the 6th of November 2011, I purchased my amazing girl L.H Warsaw. She has been a real sweet heart ride and to have around, although I haven’t had her long I can tell we are a great match.

After having her for a few weeks I took her to our first competition. That was at Tonimbuk World Cup Show, we competed in numerous events getting consistent results. The first time I competed her it was a little nerve racking as it always is, going out with a new horse.

After each competition went by we just got better and better! Within the last month of 2011 we had competed at Tonimbuk, Victorian Young Rider Championships and Bega. Bega was very fun and we jumped very well there and we were just trying to get our rounds more smooth. It was quite warm up there but we had a great time.

So far in 2012 I have competed at Lang Lang interschool, Grand Valley, Victorian show jumping stables and ISJ, recently Warsaw and I have been achieving great results. The last competition we went in was ISJ. We went clear in the 115cm two-phase and came 2nd, and in the 115cm – 125cm grand prix we came 1st! That meant we were Champion for the day!

This year I would like to start competing in Young Riders and just keep bonding and growing with Warsaw. She is settling in very well and she has made new friends with my other horses Lark, Tay and my pony Blue.

Warsaw is a complete angel and I am very lucky to have her. Thank you to Trish and Wes for letting me purchase their Precious Baby.

Winning Lap ISJ with Tash and LH Warsaw Champions









Tash and Warsaw


Interschool Show Jumping 24/2/12
2nd Two Phase, Stars (115cm – 125cm)
1st Grand Prix, Stars (115cm – 125cm)
Overall champion, Stars (115cm – 125cm)

Victorian Show jumping Stables 17/2/12
3rdAM5, 105cm

Lang Lang Interschool   20/1/12
4th Grand Prix, Stars (110cm – 120cm)
6th Two Phase, Stars (110cm – 120cm)

Victorian Young Rider State champs 16, 17/12/11
3rd AM5, Squad Class (105cm)
3rd AM5, 105cm

Tonimbuk World Cup Show 2/12/11
6th AM5  105 cm