Team Joyce went to Port Phillip Showjumping Summer Classic on the 11th and 12th Feb.

The sand/grass arena was superb the committee have done a fine job making sure the

surface was right for 2 days of jumping. There were large numbers of riders in all classes

and Mr Gavin Chester from Stratford built courses to suit all levels.

Wes rode LH King Arthur in the Omega Feeds D Grade on Saturday and had one rail.

He travelled alot more evenly and smoother on his corners but needs more rounds

to gain more practice.

Then LH Beckham was ridden in the Bellmark Farmhand C & D Grade and placed 1st!

1st place to Wes and LH Beckham , and the judge Annie White presenting the ribbon in a sudden down pour of rain.


On the Sunday LH Beckham had one time fault in the Ponderossa 1.20m

Championship and placed 6th and had one rail in the Melbourne Equine

Open 1.25m Speed but also placed 6th. LH Beckham was a super star on

Team Joyce’s truck!

Now a weekend of rest and then off to Berwick Agricultural Show  on the 25th Feb.