Winner for Sept

Great prizes from all Volta's sponsors

  • Barastoc -drink bottle and pen
  • Pakenham Produce & Saddlery- Large bottle Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • Riders Diary- A book and binder to get your diary started
  • EFO – pair of riding gloves large size
  • Horsewyse magazine

Congratulations  Grace Tregear  you are the ” Winner ”of guessing closest to Volta’s weight for August. Oaks Volta’s weight is 473 kg , he was 470kg on the 15th September so he has put on 3kg in the past 2 weeks. We feel his new feed regime suggested by Luisa Wood an expert nutritionist from Ker has really helped Team Joyce get Volta back on track , feeling well again and putting on weight. Luisa does quote in the Oct news post ”  At 21 months old, Volta’s growth rate is slowing”.

Click this link to read Luisa’s expert advice :

Team Joyce will be greeting you soon with all your prizes kindly donated by Volta’s Sponsors: Barastoc & Ker, Pakenham Produce & Saddlery, Riders Diary, HorseWyse Magazine and EFO.

” Also the extra prize this month : 20kg bucket of Groom.”

This bucket of Groom will be delivered to Grace!

September weight 473kg


We shall place a picture of Grace with her prizes on our site once we have met and greeted her with all her goodies!

We look forward to meeting you Grace.