Volta Body Oct

Poll to muzzle: 68cm no change

Chin to shoulder  (neck length) : 79.5cm increased by 1/2 cm

Mane length: 26cm increased by 1cm

Back length: wither to top dock: 119.5cm increased by 1/2 cm

Tail length top of dock to end tail: 96cm  increased by 2 cm

Hind length top of coronet band to hock: 68cm  increased by 1 cm

Front leg length top of coronet to elbow: 96cm increased by 1cm

”  NEW MEASUREMENT ” This measurement tells us if Volta is going to grow in height over the next few weeks. If a youngster is said to be,” up behind” this means the rump is higher than the wither. The wither will catch up to their rump height eventually over a few days. This will change continuously while your youngster is growing and changing shape. For September Oaks Volta’s rump is 1cm lower than his wither, therefore at this stage he is not up behind which tells us he not growing in height today. Each month we shall now focus on his rump and wither heights. Lets see how much he grows each month a little or a lot?  Since we measured him in July Oaks Volta has grown approximately 2 inches.

Hind quarters:   156cm ( from ground to top of rump)

Volta’s height for September : 157cm = 15.2hh ( he was 150cm in July )

Team Joyce still have another type of measurement we wish to share in the December post as Volta will be 2 in January 2013. This is a way of determining your youngsters final height once they finish growing . It is recommended you do this when they are 2 years old, not before and it will give you a rough estimated idea of what the final height maybe as a mature horse. Stay tuned!

Some say its an old wives tale but who cares its worth trying out on Oaks Volta to see if its close! Cannot wait till Jan 2013. Do not forget if you wish to meet Oaks Volta in the flesh he will attend the Barastoc of the Year Horse Show held at Werribee Park in February.


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