Winner for April

Congratulations Bridgette Quinlan  you are the ” Winner “of guessing Volta’s weight for April. Bridgette guessed his weight to be 450kg . Team Joyce will be sending you a prize kindly donated by Volta’s Sponsors: Riders Diary, Pakenham Produce & Saddlery, Barastoc ,Ker and Team Joyce.

His weight for April was weighed at  448kg which means Volta put on 14kg for the month. We have come to the conclusion that the reason he did not put on as much weight for April as he did in March was due to being put out in the paddock and being able to run around using all his excess energy for the month and with the colder weather .

Team Joyce would like to say a massive Thank you to all our guessers and do hope they have another guess for May. We do appreciate all our Likes on Volta’s Facebook page and hope to keep you all interested in his changes and progress each month.

Weight tape showing 448kg

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