Volta mid weight

Team Joyce weighed Volta and he is now approximately 470kg. He is eating all his feed but we have decreased the total amount each day. He is now eating 3 kg per day of Barastoc Breed and Grow and we have removed the Equi-Jewel altogether for now from his diet. We are offering grass hay ad-lib along with Oaten and a very small amount of Lucerne hay once a day. The vet called us yesterday and said his weight total going by the tape was good and not to worry. He also said he was very impressed we had such a meticulous record of his previous totals and thought it was very effective that we could look back and know what he was back 2 months ago. It was very refreshing to hear some one say nice things and appreciated the concept of “Watching Volta Grow”, it came in very handy in this time of need!

As an”  EXTRA PRIZE ” for the WINNER guessing closest to Volta’s weight for September Team Joyce are giving away a 20 LITRE BUCKET of Barastoc GROOM!

Winner must be within 50 km radius of Korumburra to deliver!


Barastoc Groom


A supplement for a shiny coat and healthy horse

Elbow grease and rugging can only go so far in producing that ‘showroom’ shine. For best results you need to start on the inside – with a good feed.

Barastoc Groom is the way to do it. This grooming mix  has been carefully formulated as both a coat enhancer and conditioning concentrate. It contains a blend of high quality protein meals, live yeast culture, vitamins, minerals and oils – all of which are designed to improve the overall health, appearance and well-being of all types of horses.

Mixed daily with grain and chaff, Barastoc Groom helps to bring out the dapples and “bloom” in a horse’s coat.

Your horse’s coat will become a window to its inner health, and the benefits of Barastoc Groom will soon shine through.

Advice from KER………………

In the October news Luisa Wood the Ker Nutritionist will cover a full run down of Volta’s Recovery diet!

One bit of important information from Luisa”

 At 21 months old, Volta’s growth rate is slowing

So to all our followers who are keen to participate and have a guess of Volta’s weight, you know what he is approximately mid September, approximately. Will he loose more, stay the same or gain a bit? Even Team Joyce are not sure what to expect, we did not expect this minor set back. His shape is changing, his hind quarters are in line with his wither.  Will his weight increase monthly by lots or slow down and only increase slowly? The vet advised that because Volta is a of Warmbloood breeding one would expect him to  fully mature and develop at about 6-7 years old. Start guessing on the 15th September…..Winner announced 1st October.

Here is a clip of Volta all rugged up eating his Barastoc Breed and Grow.

Here is a clip of Volta eating his hay during the day, very content and relaxed. I had just finished brushing him.

Two days left for the worming competition!