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Welcome to another blog about Oaks Volta. Team Joyce spend time training Volta everyday , it is not just all about riding. There are so many things you can do to train your horse and make them happier with life. Volta is very happy in the Team Joyce stables he now loves his muzzle being kissed “. See Volta being jumped by Wes under saddle, video footage below.

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Here are some extra ideas on training at home:

Horse training does not have to be long to make a difference. Let me give you some examples of different things you can do with your horse when time is limited.

~Tie your horse and groom them. You are working on his patience by making him stand still and you are loving him up at the same time. This also gives you the chance to notice any ticklish or sensitive spots he has that might require extra work. It gives you the chance to notice any cuts or scrapes he may have gotten as well.

~Take your horse for a walk around your yard. Take notice of the things he is afraid of. Does he freak out when he sees a piece of flapping paper? Is he nervous about your dog running around? Maybe he isn’t fearful at all but he is disrespectful. Does he pull on you to try to get to that clump of grass? Maybe he leads you instead of you leading him.

~ Handle your horse’s feet. This is something you can see big improvement in, in a short amount of time. I am always amazed at how many horses get brought to me that don’t even have basic manners. Spending 10 or 15 min a day handling your horse’s feet will not only make your farrier happy, but will also make your trainer happy should you decide he needs to go away for some training.

~ Give your horse a bath. Sounds easy right? Yet, there are alot of horse’s that you actually have to train to like water. Again something spending 10 or 15 min a day on can help. Have you ever seen someone whose horse is running in circles while they are trying to give it a bath? Who gets the bath usually? Teach your horse to stand quietly while you are bathing him. Even make sure you wash his face, spray gently so they get used to having their head washed and hosed.

Hosing Volta all over

Hosing Volta all over

I could go on and on about training your horse when your time is limited but the bottom line is that what ever time you have to spend training your horse, use it to the best of your ability. You would be surprised that the more time spent doing little lessons make the big lessons easier for both you and your horse. Why? It is not such a shock to the horse when he is asked to spend an hour with you if he already used to mini lessons. Your horse actually starts to look forward to these times he spends with you, especially if it is short and sweet. Once you get ready to start riding it will be easier because you don’t have so much to cover. If you decide to send him to a trainer, your trainer will appreciate any time you have put on him. It makes our jobs so much easier and quicker if we are able to just get out there and work on riding.

Now about riding here is a video of Wes jumping Oaks Volta under saddle.



Volta's weight for May 507kg

Volta’s weight for May 507kg


Volta’s measurements for May

Poll to muzzle: 71cm no change

Chin to shoulder  (neck length) : 75cm no change

Mane length: 26cm  ( mane was cut December ) increased 5 cm, will trim by July

Back length: wither to top dock: 126cm increase 2 cm

Tail length top of dock to end tail: 76cm  (  after being chewed ) increased by 4 cm

Hind length top of coronet band to hock: 69cm  no change

Front leg length top of coronet to elbow: 97cm no change

Hind quarters: from ground to top of rump: 164cm increased by 1cm

From wither : ground to top of wither: 163cm =16 hh ( increased by .5cm )

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