Volta body June

Welcome to Volta’s June body measurements:

Team Joyce have noticed that Volta has consistently put on at least 500g per day since December 2011 and we are waiting with anticipation to see when this will stop?

Hoof measurements from March :

O / Fore 12.5cm increased by 1 1/2 cm

N / Fore  13cm increased by 1 cm

Poll to Muzzle: 64.5cm increased by 1/2 cm

Chin to shoulder  (neck length) : 61cm increased by 5cm

Mane length: 18cm increased by 3cm

Back length: wither to top dock: 116cm increased by 2cm

Tail length top of dock to end tail: 79cm  increased by 3cm

Hind length top of coronet band to hock: 61cm increased by 5cm

Front leg length top of coronet to elbow: 90cm increased by 2cm

We shall re-measure Volta’s height 1st July to see if he has grown since we measured him in March. He was 142cm which is equal to approx 14hh back then so this will be a interesting measurement to take, so stay tuned to see the results!


Teeth pics for May

This picture shows Volta's teeth looking very similar to March, but the gap is getting bigger on the top left for the new permanent tooth to come through.


The top milk teeth are moving slightly forward ,maybe it means they are going to fall out soon? Will the tooth fairy come?

His milk teeth overall have not changed a lot since March , we shall see what happens for June?