Volta Body Feburary

Poll to muzzle: 70cm no change

Chin to shoulder  (neck length) : 75cm no change

Mane length: 15cm increased by 5cm

Back length: wither to top dock: 123cm no change

Tail length top of dock to end tail: 67cm  increased by 7cm

Hind length top of coronet band to hock: 68.5cm  no change

Front leg length top of coronet to elbow: 97cm no change

Hind quarters: from ground to top of rump: 159cm=15.2 1/2hh  no change

Rump to ground: 159cm  –  no change means he is not going through a growth spurt!


In March, his weight was 400kg
In April, his weight was 434kg
In May, his weight was 466kg
In June, his weight was 477kg
In July, his weight was 489kg
In August, his weight was 478kg
In September, his weight was 473kg                                                                                                                                                                                                        October, his weight was 477kg

November, his weight 484kg

December, his weight 487kg

January his weight is 487kg, Volta has put on NO WEIGHT AT ALL!

Volta's weight for January

Volta’s weight for January

Although Volta has not put on any weight his overall conformation has changed. Volta has definitely thickened , in his neck/crest,rump, legs and girth. His temperament is just beautiful, he loves to go out in the paddock but he just adores coming back into his stable.

Volta happily eating

Volta happily eating, this is a good picture showing how perfect his conformation is, except for his very short tail!