Volta April News

Oaks Volta’s feed regime from October 2011 until March 31st 2012

Stabled full time and only out for a run in a sand yard.

Daily Intakes from October-March

Volta's favorite feed which gives him all the requirements needed during his growth spurts

KER Equi-Jewel 0 .10 kg
Barastoc Breed and Grow 3 .00 kg
Hay -Grass 10% 3 .00 kg
pasture -VIC MB MQ 1 .00 kg

Must have in Volta's feed regime to achieve the best body condition

Daily Intakes from April

KER Equi-Jewel 0 .14 kg
Barastoc Breed and Grow 3 .05 kg
Hay -Grass 10% 3 .00 kg
pasture -VIC MB MQ 1 .00 kg

Barastoc Breed N Grow is the ‘cornerstone’ feed for horse breeders.  It contains high quality protein from soyabean meal plus added amino acids to support growth rates in young horses. There are also enhanced levels of macro and trace minerals to support bone growth and development and added silicon for improved bone density.Ingredients: Cooked cereal grains, grain by products, vegetable protein meals,vegetable oil, molasses, lysine, KER vitamin and mineral premix,bioavailable silicon, minerals and salt.

Equi-Jewel is suitable for all horses from 6 months of age requiring a highly digestible source of fat. Mix the required amount of Equi-Jewel with the regular daily ration.As with any changes in your horse’s diet ensure that they are made gradually over 5 to 10 days. Adjust the following feeding rates depending upon weight, condition and level of work. By feeding Ker Equi-Jewel it will increase body condition, muscle, topline and coat condition in show, sale and performance horses

Dig. Energy 15 MJ/kg Phosphorus (Min) 1.5%
Crude Protein (Min) 13% Vitamin E 1050IU/kg
Crude Fibre (Max) 13% Selenium 1mg/kg
Crude Fat (Min) 18% Starch 15%
Calcium (Min) 2.25


worming paste set at 400 the correct amount for 400kg

Oaks Volta accepting the past

Near fore template

Off fore template

Off fore 11cm hoof length

Near fore 12cm hoof length

Trimming front feet

Trimming back feet


LH Beckham and Oaks Volta in front over stable door

Volta has one foot 1 cm bigger than the other which we shall keep a close eye on in his next trimming. His neck is changing shape and looks longer and thinner. In May we shall re measureall the measurements again and see what areas seem to change the most? He has been wormed  now on April 1st so he will not be due for another 6-8 weeks. Paddocked horses need to be wormed every 6-8 weeks but stabled horses only every 3 months and because Volta will now be going out into a paddock he will need to be re done in 6-8 weeks. We gave Volta an “All Wormer” this time to kill all the important parasites such as tapeworms or bots. We shall rotate the brand of his wormer because we have always found best results by NOT using the same one every time to prevent the worms becoming resistant to the paste.  We also never under dose!


Be happy with small successes.

Even after the horse has learned its lesson, review every so often.

On May 1st stay tuned for up loaded footage , new pictures , why not have a guess what his weight will be by the 1st May to win great prizes.