Volley loves attention

Enjoy another update on a Sold Lals Haven Warmblood Performance horse bred by Team Joyce. Who is Volley ? Well of course it is LH Voldo , Volley is his home name with the McNair family living in Shepparton Victoria. Quoted from Mikaela, ‘ Volley loves attention’. He is of course by Oaks Volta and his Dam is LH Abbey ( BJ Kaento Artemis / Argentinus lines ) . Mikaela McNair is only 18 years of age and she has big plans for his future. When they picked Volley up at 6 months of age we could tell there was an instant connection as he followed her so willingly into the horse float beside a friendly companion. Enjoy the update written by Mikaela telling us exactly how Volley is going in his new home.

LH Voldo Volley

LH Voldo – Volley looking very handsome like his father Oaks Volta who loves attention

Dear Team Joyce,

LH Voldo, or as we call him, Volley, is doing well and growing up very quickly. He is a bright, bubbly and cheeky boy, Volley loves attention, new things (as seen by his interest in my camera in the photo’s below), and most importantly food. Volley loves food, at the moment it is his favourite thing in the world, other than annoying his paddock mate/adoptive mum Gigi of course. His best friend is his round bale, where he enjoys spending copious hours munching away at it. He is a delight to own in every way and seeing his cute little face patiently waiting at his gate for his breakfast and dinner is the highlights of my day.

Like all young colts, Volley is very cheeky, one of his favourite things to do is steal a bite of Gigi’s, his paddock mate’s food before she gets to it. He also likes to be centre of attention, he loves cuddles and pats, and is always up for photos and people adoring his cuteness. He is continuously growing bigger and bigger every day, yet he still fits nicely into a Shetland halter as he keeps his lovely refined head. Maybe one day he will progress to a big boy halter, only time will tell.

I would like to thank Team Joyce for their excellent job handling Volley at a young age. Thanks to your skilled efforts I am blessed with a friendly and bubbly colt who is great to handle in every aspect. The fantastic start you have given him will undoubtedly make all future training easy as he is such a delight to handle now at a young age.

My plan for Volley is too compete him in the showjumping arena. Ideally, I would love to do some Young Horse classes and hopefully Futurity classes on him in the future. Most importantly, I would like to take Volley as far as we can go together in the showjumping field. Fingers crossed that he enjoys jumping, but if he is anything like his stunning sire, Oaks Volta, and international renowned grandsire, Vivant van de Heffinck, then I’m sure he has the makings of a super star.

Thank you very much for the for the opportunity to purchase such a beautiful young horse.

Thanks and talk soon,

Mikaela, Ed and Louise McNair

Thank you so much Mikaela for sharing with us some wonderful pictures and information on your plans with Volley. We wish you and your family all the very best and look forward to some more updates at a later date.