Truck us anywhere

Team Joyce have no showjumping events at the moment but that does not mean no riding out. Tiffany arrived early Saturday morning expecting to have a day full of horses and riding. This is exactly what Wes and I delivered.Personally I had plans of us trail riding for hours. Wes kindly offered to truck us anywhere with the ride ending at home.

We were stoked when Wes offered to truck us anywhere..

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In my text message during the week I said how about we start from Inverloch. I really meant Outtrim. Inverloch would take a whole day one way I would think and be quite dangerous with the traffic now days. Starting from Outtrim was a safe couple of hours enjoyable ride. The weather was definitely on our side not a breathe of wind with few clouds.

Tiffany was coming home to ride her horse

It feels funny to not only think it but say it to. LH Johnny is owned by Tiffany due to Wes & I making the big decision to take him off the market. While Tiffany brushed all the mud off one could see how delighted they both were to see each other. You can see the instant connection wwatching him run to her when she approached his paddock to be caught. I suppose that is expected after being with her since he was born. Eight years is a long time.

Great ride no matter what I choose to do

She mentioned how wonderful it feels be able to come home grab him out of the paddock and think I know its going to be a great ride no matter what I choose to do. We chose to trail becasue the weather was so nice. We ventured off starting on the flats heading up into the hills to our home.

All of the sudden Johnny shot forward and of course Lil followed. Something startled him from behind. When I stopped Lil to look a young girl was running down her drive waving wanting us to stop. So we turned back to let her pat our ponies. She was all of 7 or 8 years and you could tell she was thrilled to see the horses.

Young girl was running trying to get our attention to stop and pat the horses

We made it to the Outtrim look out after about 90 minutes. We hopped off to have a snack and soak up the view of the flat terrain. Lily was very hungry the videos show her joining in on the yummy food. Johnny has never been one to eat anything out of your hand. He sniffed the bag and that was it.

Picture of the day

LH Johnny and his new owner Tiffany

LH Johnny and his new owner Tiffany

Team Joyce group selfie

Team Joyce group selfie

It was a good two and half hour ride with Tiffany dismounting quite gingerly. She did express a sore butt. Johnny looked pooped as well. But Lil and I we could have ventured for another two or three hours. Happy riding to all !