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Hello Team Joyce are excited to announce Horseland Tack Talk. We have many reasons for using things around the stables. It could be related to the tack feed or just something to make a job easier at the Lals Haven Warmblood Stud.

Let us discuss all the options in Horseland Tack Talk.

Team Joyce are proudly sponsored by Horseland and will of course suggest you purchase products from your local store but more importantly they are a successful family owned and operated Australian business, the first Horseland store opened in 1978 and had evolved over the last 30 years to become Australia’s largest Equestrian retailer with 54 stores Australia wide


Dublin Taupe breeches

Tiffany expressed her desire to find a good fitting pair of breeches. She did not want white and not to tight a more relaxed fit. But still looking smart and NOT consisting of the see through material. Horseland stock the perfect pair. The Dublin Prime Full seat breeches in a shade of Taupe. 

Available in other colours 🙂

Schokemohle saddle blanket

Wes is very particular about the saddle blankets fitting properly. It must not slide back or pull down. A correctly fitted well designed saddle blanket should stay with the contour of your saddle with no movement. Horseland Mornington stock a brilliant showjumping saddle blanket which does just that. The Schokemohle branded one is amazing Team Joyce highly recommend you buy one. Here are some pictures showing how well it sat on Oaks Volta’s back.

Pink stirrup irons

Wes noticed these amazing stirrups in Horseland Mornington. He knows I have a soft spot for things pink. I was so touched to see him walk over with them in his hands. He said you have to put these on your Anky Dressage saddle. They are made of durable plastic. Not to light / or heavy. The grip instep is really good as well. I love them

Ariat tall riding boots

Nearly a century has passed and I have my first pair of Ariat tall black riding boots. I am so happy with how well they fit and feel. Did not taken long to wear in at all. The lovely helpful staff at Horseland Mornington advised me they would drop down over time. At first they felt to long – high behind the knee. But they were spot on it has taken 2 weeks and they have dropped perfectly. The leather is so manoeuvrable, the inner sole so comfy I highly recommend these beauties.

His & hers

Have you ever tried a Dublin riding helmet?. Why – because they fit properly making them extremely comfy and are so affordable. Which makes staying up to date with the right safety standards possible. Does your helmet comply with the Australian Standards updated Jan 2017. Thanks to Horseland all Team Joyce’s helmets conform. Click to enlarge pics

Cotton is best

Why ? It is a natural product and because of the way it is designed and manufactured into horse rugs, it has many advantages, such as its ability to control moisture, insulate, provide comfort and it is also hypoallergenic.

Weatherbetta pure cotton works best

Weatherbetta pure cotton works best on clipped horses, will not create static or irritation. Team Joyce always use clean dry cotton rugs as the first layer when rugging our Lals Haven performance horses over winter. We highly recommend the Horseland range of pure cotton rugs.

Lily is clipped and feels very comfy in her Weatherbetta pure cotton rug

Lily is clipped and feels very comfy in her Weatherbetta pure cotton rug

Fancy modern mens wear

Horseland have really stepped things up in the men’s range of clothing.They now stock loads of gentlemen’s wear not only for competition but casual as well. Wesley has moved up from the cotton shirts feeling very fancy modern and comfy in the new range of Animo light weight competition shirts.They are so easy to wash, no ironing just hang to dry.

Famous brands available at Horseland

Best sunblock 4 your pink bits

NRG Pink Noze -Team Joyce use it because it truly works and lasts for a minimum of 2 days. It also moisturises while preventing sunburn & painful cracking. Here is a video applying Pink Noze to LH Clarissa who has a very large pink muzzle.

Wes swears by his new Donatello riding boots

Team Joyce sourced the ultimate mens tall black riding boot. Wes loves his Tredstep ‘Donatello boots. Why’, the snug fit and special soles that grab tightly in the stirrups.

Horseland Tredstep mens riding boots

FreeJump Soft’Up Pro Stirrup Irons

Horseland are always up to date with the latest and greatest. Team Joyce highly recommend the latest and greatest FreeJump Soft’Up Pro Stirrup Irons. Once you have tried them you will never go back to the usual steel or light plastic. We have a set of them all on different saddles but must stress the FreeJump ones are amazing! They are available in Horseland stores.

SOFT UP ‘PRO is a new single branch riding stirrup which combines comfort, safety and simplicity. Perfectly balanced stirrups with wide treads and very good grip ensure stable lower legs, improved balance and give a comfortable ride. Its flexible outside branch will release the foot in the event of a fall.


FreeJump Pro Stirrup Irons

FreeJump Pro Stirrup Irons

Out with the old and in with the new –

Team Joyce are very fortunate to have Horseland on board becasue they make sure our gear is up to date and complies with the Australian Standards. I am talking tack ‘ riding helmets. Recently we ventured into our local Horseland Mornington store and walked out with the correct helmets compliant for the up and coming changes in Jan 2017. Click to enlarge images

Helmet Standard Chart

Helmet Standard Chart

Equestrian Australia can advise that Helmet Standard EN1384 will remain effective until 31 December 2016. In addition, a new standard VG1 has been added to the General Regulations effective immediately. As of 1 January 2017 helmets with the EN1384 standard will not be permitted under EA’s General Regulations.

As per the EA General Regulations, Equestrian Australia highly recommends the use of helmets that conform to Australian Standard AS/NZS 3838, as this standard provides for more stringent testing and further periodic retesting.