So much presence in the arena

Team Joyce are so excited with our latest show results. Sarah & I enjoy our days out together with our horses trying our hand in HRCAV Dressage. Sarah & LH Albert have so much presence in the arena. They really are so lovely to watch. They have only had time to compete in two events and both times become Jackpot Champions in Level 1. Lil & I have also had a go and this time come away with the Jackpot prize as well in Level 3 pointing up to Level 2.

Sarah and Albi show so much presence in the arena

We arrived at Bennison by 10am , Lil and I were on at 11.05am then 11.35am. The first test was on the grass and after so much rain there was quite a lot of sandy mud at the top end of the arena. Lily handled it very well. I could feel her feet slipping and sliding but not once did she trip. These are definitely the advantages of an older horse. Then off to the sand arena for the second test and this was so much smoother. Overall I felt like we had completed two nice tests.

Lily was an absolute darling in both Dressage tests

The results appeared about 1 hour later and to our amazement we had actually won both tests taking out the Jackpot as well. There was silence between Sarah & I realising how well Lily & I had done. The lady asked me what size rug Lily wore ‘ and I proudly put a 6ft embroidered rug on her plus giving her 4 licorices as well. She gets them anyway lol. Sarah & Albi started their first test at 2pm and the second one at 3.10pm.

All Level 1 riders moved onto the sand arenas

It was a relief to hear the committee decided to move all Level 1 riders to the sand arena. This made the times a little late but the riding conditions so much better. Albi completed two beautiful tests, he floats and extends so well. Sarah has worked so hard for many years while at University training him all by herself. He is a credit to her work. Seeing the results brought tears to our eyes- we hugged on another feeling so happy. LH Albert looked so handsome in his winning trophy rug plus blue ribbons on his neck.

Sarah & LH Albert

Driving home we reminisced about our day

These days go above and beyond our hopes. To be able to spend quality time together enjoying our lovely horses is one thing but to end the day with such grand results takes things to a whole new level. As a family we always sit down and reflect making sure we realise how lucky fortunate and grateful we are to be able to do this. Until our next venture by for now !