Maybe a very simple solution

After many more conversations with a lot of people we have come up with a very simple solution to the Article / Freshmans / Training grey area regarding the showjumping rules. Some have expressed they have no issue becasue they do not jump there horses under 4 years of age. Therefore you are not effected by the Freshmans dying a slow death issue. Many riders have been and are today using the Article classes in Ring 2 for the purposes of training a horse younger than 4 years of age. We are all aware that every class run under EA rules is an official class, the only difference being if a class meets certain criteria it counts for points. Finally we have clear clarification of the rules.

Maybe a very simple solution

Lots of riders wish to continue training their performance horses under the 4 years of age bracket , at the date of birth therefore we cannot train at events in Ring 2 as it currently stands.  It is so simple to solve – Why not ” Remove all the wording on the current programs of the Ring 2 classes from Article 238.2.1 or Article 238.2.2  to a Training A ( One round & jump off or no jump off  ) /  Training B ( One round against clock or no jump off ) . That is it just change the typo. Then everybody no matter who your are what age horse you have can enter either Section A or B. Nobody is breaking any rules. It is run legally for absolutely anyone.

Second solution

When the membership levels changed, a few years ago EA suggested that every horse be registered no matter what height / class you entered. This was not agreed upon by some riders becasue many said it was to expensive. Jumping in Ring 2 should not warrant registration. The membership alone was a hefty cost especially for families with children. It was aimed for fun and encouraging the next generation to join the showjumping spirit. Yes true but if we do register ALL horses to be able to compete in ALL classes everyone would have a horse aged 4 years on its date of birth. It would be all out in the open. Written on its registration papers. Is this an area that needs to be re-surfaced ? It would certainly 100% make sure every bodies horses are the correct legal age for jumping in the EA Article run classes………..Team Joyce would prefer the simple re-wording on programs to read Training / Freshmans.

Can it be that simple would organisers we willing to change the text

Moving forward would organisers of the events be willing to change the text to suit the rules as they stand to legally make it accessible for all horses to jump / train the the smaller height classes. Simply remove the wording Article on programs in Ring 2.

So instead of

45cm Artilce 238.2.1 / 45CM Training /or  Freshmans ( no jump off )

55cm Artilce 238.2.2 / 55cm Training / or Freshmans ( no jump off )