Sisters success at Dandenong Show

We hope you enjoy reading about the Sisters success at Dandenong Show. Team Joyce were a full team of four this weekend and it was fabulous! The usual four horses were loaded up on Friday afternoon and we arrived around 5pm at the Dandenong Show grounds. Sarah was so excited and yet so nervous to be having a jump on Fly and in Ring 1 as well. Sarah has had three rides on him this week in the lead up to the show and they seemed to trust each other and look happy when practicing at home under the watchful eye of her dad , Wes. It has been over twelve months since Sarah attempted a D Grade as she has only really been riding LH Albert trying to have a go at the 70’s and 80’s then deciding he really excels in Dressage  therefore jumping him was happening less and less.  Now that University is all finished until 2015 Wes offered Fly and said if you like you may as well have a go on him, see what you think while your home. Tiffany had to work today so she arrived in her car later that night.

Saturday morning was very hot and sunny , entries were up actually I think double on last year so that was great for the Agricultural Society. Sarah and Tiffany saddled up to attempt the Eddy Batur Industrial Painting D Grade 1.10m and both LH Johnny and For Fly Hendenlaan Z jumped super clean rounds. Sarah and Fly just gelled it was so pleasurable watching them flow around the course considering how nervous she was. Tiffany and Johnny the match made in heaven looked cool and calm and very confident .The jump offs were just as perfect with Tiffany placing 2nd and Sarah 3rd, what a delight to see our two girls in the line up on the first day.  Sarah’s smile was massive and she wore the white ribbon all afternoon under her       t-shirt the joy of actually jumping again made her feel very good inside. She kept thanking her dad telling him she felt very lucky to be riding such a nice horse and was very grateful that the Mouser family were also happy for her to have a go.


In the afternoon Team Joyce walked over the visit the show ring and find some old long time friends. It was so nice to catch up and have a chat with the Robinson Family and Stewie kindly welcomed a Team Joyce Chat-ski. The Robinson Family have been showing for many years and are very dedicated ,successful very honest kind people. We remember meeting ring side when Sarah and Tiffany were tiny tots before they were old enough to jump. Stewie just took out Reserve Champion with this lovely filly  Filou lane Angeline and Esther won the Child Handler with Collandie park Sweet Amore

Wes rode Ulouve BZ and Bolero de la Vie in the KWA Building Permits & Inspections Open 1.25m and both horses had one rail each. Nothing special and easy rail so four faults. Not today Josephine as they say!.

Then Sarah and Tiffany had a go in the Hastings Mowers C & D grade 1.15m Speed Class. LH Johnny put down his hooves and thundered around the course to finish in second place and Fly had one rail. Later that night we loaded all four horseS onto the truck for the 20 minutes of fire works. There were people every where I am sure the gate takings for the Saturday night would have been good as well.

In these pictures Tiffany has a white ribbon , that’s because at first she placed 3rd but the second place getter was accidentally in the wrong class so all placings moved up.

Sarah and Tiffany at Dandenong Ag show

Sarah and Tiffany at Dandenong Ag show

Sunday morning was very cool but pleasant. Wes was first to go today in the Norton Gates 1.35m and both Bolero and Ulouve had one rail each. Wes made a decision today and feels both horses are very confident and coping with the heights well. But he feels they need a bit change, he will change what they have in there mouths this week. When he wants them to come back they just seem to poke the nose out and make it hard for him to draw back so they do not get to close or if he wants to jump across the fences they seem to take the upper hand. He is very happy with them and has a definite plan in his head as to what he will do so when we have made the changes I will let you know and we shall all see how it goes!

Sarah and Fly went early in the Brett Sheppard Excavations C & D Grade Championship and again jumped the most amazing clean round. The feeling of happiness was oozing from her as she hugged me when she dismounted. Tiffany and LH Johnny had one easy rail in the combination but very happy with this boy. So only 6 made the jump off and Sarah had the very first fence down but jumped great after that finishing in 4th place. Wow what a massive feat to place again.

Here are the happy pair

Here are the happy pair

 If you wish to see all the results of all classes go to our Lals Haven Warmbloods Facebook Page

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