Short stint during September

Sarah was home for a short stint during September. It was the first time she had been apart from her LH Albert. He stayed here having a good long break. He was to have 8 weeks off spending his days rolling in mud and eating plenty of grass. You all know Dressage is this pairs forte’ so the week before Sarah arrived home we put Albi on the walker. During the first week back she could slowly bring him on getting ready for a lesson with Cynthia Bossema at Randall Park.

Short stint during September

Short stint during September, Sarah had a Dressage lesson with Cynthia Bossema

Short stint during September, Sarah had a Dressage lesson with Cynthia Bossema

The lovely young lady Aimee Joy who runs Randall Park made it all possible. Time was of the essence, due to Aimee’s organisation Sarah and Albert were able to experience a super jam packed very informative Dressage lesson with Cynthia. ” The instruction was so easy to understand”, and now I have things to work on over the next 3 weeks back at Wagga”, Sarah said on the way home.

I have some great things to work on

Video showing some trot and canter transitions during middle of the lesson, Sarah proudly sponsored by Boutique Equestrian wearing their T-shirt. More details below

What did Sarah want to work on

The extra things she requested was how to make the Travers more fluent and asked whether she had the correct method for teaching LH Albert Piaffe. Thank you Aimee for providing such a service.

Sarah and Cynthia

Sarah and Cynthia

Thank you Cynthia we cannot wait until Sarah is home again we will be back for more tuition.

Sarah & Albi left for another month back to Wagga


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