Sarah riding Irish Ace

Sarah is riding Irish Ace, a school master Wes educated from a youngster right up to World Cup level in Showjumping with terrific results. The combination hope to have a lot of fun and will compete in a few A Grade Pony club events over the next few weekends. Sarah says she loves it that she can come home in between working shifts grab him out of the paddock and go for a nice enjoyable ride on a nicely educated willing horse.

You may ask can the Lals Haven horses event? of course they can!

Sarah and Ace doing a few Cross-country jumps at Wonthaggi grounds


Sarah and Ace went off to the Langwarrin Showjumping competition on Saturday 10th November. They started the first A Grade class at 8am so Sarah had to load and be gone by 6pm. Wes and I were at Dandenong Show so she had to go it alone! They arrived by 7pm and were ready to ride in plenty of time.

The first class was an accumulator and they placed 2nd. The next competition was a two phase and they placed  3rd. The last class of the day was an AM5 and with sheer delight they also placed  4th . Sarah rang when she arrived home to delight us with her wonderful day out with Irish Ace. Wes and I are so happy to know Sarah can take herself off to a show and have a very good time. Well done Sarah.

Langwarrin grounds


Sarah just loves horse riding!